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Japan: A cheerleader bully broke his leg trying to escape

A 35-year-old man was accused of voyeuristically photographing cheerleaders at a Kyoto baseball stadium in Japan. A middle-aged self-employed worker from Osaka Prefecture, he was sent to court on suspicion of violating Kyoto Prefecture’s Nuisance Prevention Ordinance.

A man is suspected of taking voyeuristic photos of the skirts of two college cheerleaders at a baseball game at Wakasa Stadium in Kyoto on October 22 and 23 last year. From his seat across from the cheerleaders, the man filmed while hiding his smartphone with his knees and thighs, and a staff member who thought the situation suspicious called police.

When the officer in question approached him directly, the man attempted to escape and fell down the stairs, breaking his right leg. A police officer rushed to the scene and began to question him. Upon investigation, 94 videos of a total of 47 different cheerleaders were found on the subject’s smartphone. According to the report, the guy had no choice but to admit the charges, mentioning: “I just wanted to see the cheerleaders’ panties“.

Another office worker in his 50s has already been charged with voyeurism at that same ballpark on the exact same day for allegedly filming cheerleaders. The news immediately went viral on commentary forums in Japan, especially due to the subject’s bad luck having broken his leg in his failed escape.

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