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Japan: A guy attacked a VTuber after learning she had a boyfriend

The Metropolitan Police Department in Japan reported on February 25 the arrest of a 41-year-old man, an employee of a video game development company, on charges of sexual assault on a woman he knew.

According to the report from the Takenotsuka Police Station, On January 3, the man entered the department of women in their 20slocated in Tokyo, and yelled at him: “How much money do you think I have invested in you?” and “I will ruin your life, your family and your boyfriend“, and then continue threatening and sexually assaulting the woman. The subject has denied the accusations, as he stated: “I did not threaten her or assault her in any way.”

Regarding the strange words that the subject allegedly mentioned, It turns out that the assaulted woman works as a Virtual YouTuber (VTuber), and the attacking man was not only one of her followers, but her “manager”that is, the person who is in charge of the production of your video activities and the management of your schedule, functions that you performed since April of last year.

The police are investigating this as a “rebound crime”, since the testimonies suggest that the man lost his temper when he discovered that his beloved VTuber had gotten a boyfriend. On the other hand, the woman has already filed the corresponding lawsuit in court.

Of course, this case did not go unnoticed on Japan’s comment forums, highlighting opinions such as:

  • «Well, it seems the guy wasn’t interested in her appearance.».
  • «Why would the manager have to know the address where the person behind the VTuber lived?».
  • «I bet he felt like he owned her, like he had an ulterior motive for reaching out to her and running her schedule or something. It’s disgusting».
  • «That’s why I prefer to stay away and not donate a single yen to internet girls».
  • «It’s pathetic to fall in love with a VTuber at 40 years old».
  • «Both fans and VTubers have to be careful not to reveal their locations.».
  • «They say that it is an employee of a game developer, but which one is it?».
  • «It’s getting harder and harder to say you’re a fan of VTubers without feeling ashamed.».

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