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Japan Celebrates Cat Girls Day

February 22 is the Neko no Hi (Day of the Cat) in Japan. Because? The number 2 is pronounced “Neither” in Japanese and February 22 can be written “222“. In 1987, the Japan Pet Food Association decided to make this day cat day because it can read “Nyan Nyan Nyan“Yes, just like a cat’s meow.

There’s a Neko Jinja (Cat Shrine) in Kagoshima and the priest prays for the health, long life and happiness of pets every February 22. In addition, special sales and small events related to cats are held in many places in Japan. Some of you may have noticed that the Japanese love cats, don’t you think?

Although perhaps someone prefers another Japanese product born of devotion to cats: cat girls. If every February 22 is a day to celebrate cats, then it is also a day to celebrate women. nekomimi (猫耳)a term used to refer to a normally female character who exhibits cat characteristics such as ears, tail, or some other feline feature on a human body.

The artists celebrated this day by making illustrations with this theme:

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