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Japan celebrates Good Abdomen Day with spectacular illustrations

Dia Del Buen Abdomen (7 De Noviembre)

The November 7 is celebrated in Japan Good Abdomen Day (いいおなかの日) an unofficial holiday created by the company Takanashi Diary Co. Ltd known for selling products such as butter, cream, dairy products, etc. That has earned the appreciation of the anime community, where many illustrators, cosplayers and models publish images of beautiful abdomens to commemorate this day through the hashtag #いいおなかの日.

The Japanese celebrate the day of the good Abdomen in a big way!

Good Abdomen Day (November 7)

Good Abdomen Day (November 7)Good Abdomen Day (November 7)Good Abdomen Day November 7 2 ScaledGood Abdomen Day (November 7)Good Abdomen Day (November 7)Good Abdomen Day

Belly Day9

This celebration comes on the date «07/11». The number 11 becomes japanese いい (ii) What does it mean (good)the number 0 becomes japanese お (letter O) Y the number 7 is written なな (lullaby) so they use only the first “na” leaving the word おなthey just add (ka) and it stays like おなか (Onaka) What does abdomen mean? What originates the Day of the Good Abdomen いいおなかの日 (Ii Onaka no Hi)

The celebration was created by the dairy company Takanashi Milk Products Co. Ltd with the aim of making more people aware of its yogurt brand and its benefits. In fact, the celebration was registered and certified in Japan. Initially it was expected that people would share with more people what their abdomens look like thanks to the company’s yogurts, but the celebration due to its peculiar name also began to be celebrated by young people and lovers of anime culture who decided to celebrate. this day through illustrations and cosplays.

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