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Japan: Man arrested for stealing his girlfriend’s friend’s panties

Prefectural police in Japan have arrested a 24-year-old nurse suspected of breaking into a house to steal the underwear of a woman friend of his partner. The suspect, Motoki Abua 24-year-old nurse from Fukuoka Prefecture, was detained on suspicion of trespassing.


According to the police report, the subject in question is suspected of breaking into a house in Fukuoka Prefecture sometime between December last year and January this year. A woman dating Abu found out about the crime when she checked the suspect’s smartphone and discovered that it had stored photos of her friend’s house and underwear.

After being cornered, the subject admitted the accusations and mentioned: “I broke into her house to steal her underwear and satisfy my sexual desires.“. A large quantity of women’s underwear was found in the suspect’s home, and police are already investigating the provenance of each item to determine if more charges will be added to the indictment.

Of course, the news made it to the comment boards in Japan:

  • «I wonder, was the friend attractive enough to take the risk?».
  • «I guess they’re excited to steal».
  • «I’m sorry for her».
  • «He steals underwear, and aside from that, his girlfriend checks his smartphone, how pathetic».
  • «Hell, including how it was discovered».
  • «The reality is harsh. To see, remember and enjoy».
  • «What’s the point of stealing a panties you can barely smell, if you have a woman you can sleep with as many times as you want at home?».
  • «Motoki cheerfully and skillfully stole her friend’s panties».

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