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Japanese uniforms could be forever changed

Uniformes Japoneses 2023


The school yamasaki high school which is located in the prefecture of Hyōga, Japan, will change the school uniforms that many anime fans love so much. As of the beginning of the 2023 school year, this school will introduce a new garment called «culottes»which seeks to replace pants and skirts!

This new garment It looks like a normal skirt, but it has a wide hem that also gives it a shorts look.

Japanese Uniforms 2023

This high school focuses on “gender diversity”being flexible in the use of skirts and pants regardless of gender, in addition to encourage respect for the individuality of studentsputting at your fingertips a wide variety of options for your uniforms.

In October 2020, this school allowed the students choose to wear pants or a skirt according to their own opinion. A wide selection of ties and bows is also offered for all students.

Kaguya-sama Love Is War

This decision was carried out through an opinion survey among the students, where 70 of the students agreed with the implementation of this new garment in the uniform.

Among the advantages of «culottes» they emphasize that they are safer for girls who bike to school and is a great option for students who don’t want to wear pants, but are afraid of gender bias.

Other pro-diversity changes include allowing jacket buttons go on the left or right sideeliminating gender differences and the inclusion of new navy blue polo shirts that are not see-through.

Haruhi Suzumiya Classroom

Some comments made about these uniforms are the following:

  • “Hello Diversity”
  • “In other words, it’s a high school where boys and girls attend cross-dressing, right?”
  • “If you value diversity, stop wearing uniforms”


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