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Japan’s manager is compared to Light Yagami


The notebook of kazu moriyasu of the Japan national team, have drawn a lot of attention, being assimilated to a Death Note by the anime fans themselves after surprisingly defeating two strong teams in the «World Cup Qatar 2022», specifically the selections Germany Y Spain. This has started the idea that it be compared kazu moriyasu with one of the main characters of the franchise Death Notecalled light Yagami also known as Kira.


This all comes after watching the Japan national team perform unimaginable feats in defeating teams considered solidly very strong in the soccer world, where jokes and memes began to surface about how they successfully achieved those victories. So the fans began to assume that the names of the rival teams were written down in the notebook of kazu moriyasu relating it as one Death Note.

kazu moriyasu

Regardless of the time or place, be it a training session, a game or a press conference, if something occurs to you, kazu moriyasu he has a habit of immediately taking out a pen and writing something on his notepad, which doesn’t write much, just two or three key points. If it is the first half, it is shared with the coaches and players during the break and is used for the rest of the game. This has made him the “Light Yagami” of soccer.

An example of why it is compared to the franchise deathnote, was the match between Japan Y Spain a few days ago, where in the first part Japan had overwhelming possession of the ball and lost the first goal, but the coach kazu moriyasu The second half started with attack players like Ritsu Doan Y Kaoru Misumi.

A few moments after the whistle for the start of the second half, he took out a pen and began to write something in his notebook. About 30 seconds later, Doan tied with a powerful left-footed shot from medium distance so that afterwards Tanaka converted the second goal that would give him the victory. Of course it was a coincidence, but the timing was just too good.

Death Note

It should be noted that Japan will play against Croatia in the round of 16 to advance to the quarterfinals for the first time. What will be written in the notebook? kazu moriyasu, in the match where the expectations of all Japan come together?. It will be interesting how this important match will end.

Death Note It is one of the works that over the years persists as a very popular theme among the community, loved and praised exponentially by many fans. The anime has great reach thanks to the platform crunchyroll and streaming services Netflix Y Amazon Prime Video

Death Note Funimation

Death Notea is a manga series written by Tsugumi Oba and illustrated by Takeshi Obataand whose 37-episode adaptation produced by the studios MadhouseIt was directed by Tetsuro Araki issued in October 2006. The manga has an anime adaptation consisting of 24 episodes, a series of Japanese Live Action films and a film produced by Netflix.

synopsis of DeathNote:

Light Yagami is a brilliant Japanese student, bored and disgusted by the filth of crime that covers the world. His life will change completely when he comes across a Death Note, a notebook that can make a person die just by writing his name and visualizing his face. If the person’s cause of death is not specified, he or she would die of a heart attack in 40 seconds.

The Death Notes are shinigami instruments, and the one that Light found was owned by one named Ryuk, who dropped the notebook “by accident”, according to him, but the truth is that he was as bored as Light. Seeing for himself what the Death Note can do, Light decides to rid the world of criminals using it, becoming a source of contention between law enforcement and the public and interest in a mysterious private detective who calls himself L, al that the actions of Light (known among the police and the public as “Kira”, which sounds the same as Killer, murderer) immediately attract attention …


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