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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fans debate the gender of a character

On February 16, the first chapter of the ninth part of the manga written and illustrated by hirohiko araki, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. This ninth part is titled as The JOJO Lands and it has already given something to talk about since its first chapter. It turns out that fans in the West reacted to Joestar Dragonthe protagonist’s older brother, who likes to wear feminine clothes and looks.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Dragona is a slim 18-year-old boy with tanned skin and long, straight hair that is parted into long, straight bangs. She wears a crown of flowers, some with elongated petals reminiscent of hands. The slight swelling on her chest is due to cosmetic injections. Despite her description, Dragona is described by Jodio (the protagonist), as a man. However, the Twitter community that insists on pigeonholing these types of characters into a single category has begun to refer to them as “trans.”

Classifying him as “trans” is incorrect, considering that Jodio refers to Dragona not only as a man, but as his brother. (never change the term to “sister”). In fact, when the character is introduced, she describes him as follows:

  • The only thing he eats for breakfast is watermelon. “I will never try too hard, but I will never give up.” It is one of her favorite phrases. She says her Indian yoga teacher told her so. She loves women’s fashion and works at a Kalihi boutique called “Iko Iko”. She has a little big chest because she gets cosmetic injections. I’ve never seen him wear them.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

So is Dragona Joestar trans? The answer is no, not only because the story refers to it as “he”, but because he maintains his male genitalia. In fact, it would fall more into the category of “femboy” or “effeminate man”but being stricter and considering that the new history of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is set in Hawaii, there is a third option. Dragona Joestar would be a “Rae Rae” or “Maahuu”, a term in traditional Hawaiian culture for people belonging to a “third sex”. This word is used in Hawaii to refer to transvestites and transgender people (but Dragona does not identify as a woman, so she is not transgender).

Anyway, evidently the Westerners started arguing about this:

  • «For the last time, he is not trans. He is a femboy. By the way, those types of personalities are very popular in the Pacific islands.».
  • «The people who criticize are upset because their dick stopped when they saw him, and then they told them that he was a man».
  • «Although this degenerate crap has already made its way to JoJo’s, I’m sure Dragon’s story will be more interesting than anything that has come out of the West.».
  • «Jodio refers to Dragona as “He”, and that “He likes women’s fashion”. Where did they get that he is trans?».
  • «Araki making unforced inclusion and empathizing».
  • «Wow, how progressive of Araki! Congratulations!».
  • «By the way, he’s not trans. She still goes around with masculine pronouns and still has a dick hanging from her. He is simply a transvestite who injects breasts. Ironically they are putting “DRAG” in your fucking name. It would be a different story if they called him “he” but she was born a woman».
  • «The best thing is the way in which it is discovered, simple, humor. Fascinating».
  • «For everyone who thinks Dragona is a femboy just because she has no problem with being called “he”, have you ever thought that she would be “non-binary”? Perhaps Dragona does not use any pronouns, although it is only a theory, for now».
  • «I’m sure Araki had a gun pointed at his head when he thought of Dragona.».
  • «The final enemy will be Ezra Miller, I have no doubt»

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