Jonu Media prepares the premieres of Konosuba: The Legend of the Crimson

Jonu Media prepares the premieres of Konosuba: The Legend of the Crimson

Jonu Media advertisement in their social networks premieres in Castilian of KonoSuba!: Legend of the Crimson. The film based on the novels by Natsume Akatsuki will be screened in Madrid Y Barcelona the days February 10 and 25respectively.

Premiere from Madrid will take place in the Small Film Studionear the Metro stop Quevedo; Meanwhile in Barcelona the film will be screened at the Malda Cinemathe hall of the well-known galleries of the portaferrissa street. Tickets can now be purchased through the website of entrance in the following links (Madrid, Barcelona). The film was already screened in May of last year within the framework Jonu Fest by Japan Weekendprecisely in the same rooms announced. the legend of the crimson It also can buy in presale through the distributor’s website.

Apart from the feature film, animated by JC Staffthe series produced by Studio DEEN To date, it has two seasons for television and an OVA released at the end of each season of the series. This has 20 episodes spread over two seasons broadcast between January 2016 and March 2017. Studio Deen was behind the animated production of both the series and the film with Takaomi Kanasaki as director and makoto uezu as a screenwriter The first season is available on home video in Otaku Edition format and both seasons are available on Netflix. Last July, the production of a new anime of konosubaalthough it was not detailed if it is a sequel or if it will have the format of a television series.

Before the anime came to our country the manga of konosuba. Masahito Watari’s manga is published and translated into Spanish by Editorial Ivrea in a double volume edition and of which the first six volumes of the collection are already on sale. Below we also leave you a link in which we give you several reasons why you should not miss konosuba (click here).

Kazuma Sato is a hikikomori who enjoys video games, manga, and anime like a knave. One day he decides to leave his house, he suffers an unfortunate accident and dies. What is his surprise when he sees that he appears in limbo with a goddess named Aqua who offers to send him to a new world with role-playing overtones and -also- grant him a wish. But first, Aqua takes care of humiliating him because the death that he thought had been heroic saving a girl from being run over, turns out to be the most pathetic and shabby thing you can throw at your face. The only thing that good Kazuma can think of is to use his wish so that Aqua will accompany him to the new world and join him in her adventures to defeat the Demon King. In his new adventure, he will find a wide variety of characters, each one more stubborn, forming a team with Aqua’s heavyweight, Megumin, a magician crazy about explosions, and Darkness, a paladin fond of sadomasochism. Seeing that his team is crazy in the head and that they are all dumber than a shoe, Kazuma decides to enjoy his new life in a big way, but in the end he will have to deal with the Demon King’s generals that will cross his path. and with toads, a lot of slimy batrachians.

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