Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 248 reignites debate over Gojo’s status

Although the first bars of “Culling Game” did not convince many of the followers of Jujutsu Kaisenthe manga hit the table with the introduction of the Sinister Battle in Shinjuku. In this part of the story, Gege Akutami chose to start a real bloodletting in which some of the most beloved characters fell of the work.

The high point of this mini arc came with the publication of chapter 236, in which [OJO PORQUE SE VIENE SPOILER GORDO] The death of Satoru Gojo, the most charismatic sorcerer in all of Jujutsu Kaisen, occurred. After witnessing his shocking execution, many readers developed all kinds of theories that would explain his hypothetical return to life, but considering Akutami-sensei’s track record, it doesn’t seem like that will ever happen.

Jujutsu Kaisen and the detail of 248 that has once again revolutionized Gojo fans

gojo jujutsu
  • In a certain moment Sukuna exclaimed what no one wanted to hear.: you are completely sure that Gojo is dead 💀
  • Nevertheless there is a panel that triggered the alarms among the defenders of the theories about the character’s return👀
  • There is a scene in which you see Ui Ui and Kirara taking Gojo’s dismembered body to “another place”❗❗❗
  • Why would they want to move the body in the middle of battle? Where would they want to take it? This is what is generating so much debate🤔
  • And be careful because there are many users claiming that the intention of those two would be transport the body to Ieri’s laboratory, which would have the key to curing/reviving Gojo 😯😯

Sincerely It seems very unlikely to me that Gege Akutami has plans to resurrect Gojo. This character has already escaped death at the hands of Toji once, but on this occasion he was greatly surpassed by Sukuna’s technique. Furthermore, if Ieri had the power to heal such serious wounds, why didn’t she use that technique on Nobara and many other sorcerers?

Ui Ui taking Gojo’s body is suspicious, yes, but I would not continue to hope for his return. It would have to be too well explained and justified.

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