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Jujutsu Kaisen fans say goodbye to another character — Kudasai

Today a new broadcast of the second season of Jujutsu Kaisenand while fans were barely recovering from the shock that was the death of Kento Nanamia secondary character, Today they had to say goodbye to Nobara Kugisaki, one of the members of the protagonist trio, which has left them devastated. Of course, Nobara’s apparent death is perhaps one of the most well-known spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen, so even anime-only fans should have already had an inkling of what was coming.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Ignoring Kento Nanami’s warning that only a Grade 1 sorcerer could face Mahito in battle, Nobara rushes to fight the villain. After an effective initial attack, Mahito’s clone flees at the same time as the original flees from Yuji Itadori. Eventually they all find themselves inside the corridors of the train, as the clone rushes towards Yuji, dying immediately, but the original takes advantage of the distraction to approach Nobara.

This seals the fate of Nobara, who begins to see her life flash before her eyes. Remembering her days in the countryside with her friends Saori and Fumi, Nobara realizes that in her life she managed to be accompanied by many good people. She apologizes to Fumi for not being able to fulfill her promise to meet both of them again in the future and, returning to the present, she turns to Yuji and asks him to tell everyone that her life was not so bad. With all this, Mahito transfigures Nobara’s face, opening it wide and destroying one of her eyes while Yuji can do nothing but watch.

Perhaps fortunately for some, the original manga, even to date, has not made it clear what happened to Nobara Kugisaki. That is, there is no certainty if she is dead or if she survived in some way. Some believe this to be one of the franchise’s biggest mysteries, and are sure that author Gege Akutami has this ace up his sleeve to use at some point in the future.

But of course, the reactions were not long in coming, after all, Nobara Kugisaki’s name soon became a global trend just minutes after the episode ended:

  • «I’m happy that Nobara’s final moments were well animated, at least in my opinion. Overall it was a good episode.».
  • «Nobara deserved better than all this».
  • «It’s so sad that Nobara’s friends will probably never see her again, her death scene is heartbreaking».
  • «Nobara’s techniques always seemed like the most interesting thing about Jujutsu Kaisen to me. I certainly don’t understand the author’s intentions with this development.».
  • «Nobara didn’t deserve any of this. Gege, you better bring her back if you don’t want the world to come crashing down on you.».
  • «I’ve lost Gojo, Nanami and now Nobara, where is Megumi? I want to kill myself right now».
  • «What if Nobara asked Megumi not to tell Yuji about her survival just to get revenge because Yuji didn’t tell her that he had been revived for two months?».
  • «Don’t let sadness stop you from recognizing that Nobara did considerable harm to Mahito, and that she even considered her her natural enemy.».
  • «Nobara, run, don’t fight Mahito, Gege hates you! Nobaraaaaaaaaa!».
  • «I closed my eyes in the final scene because I don’t want to see Nobara’s face exploding».

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