Junji Ito collaborates with Magic again

Junji Ito collaborates with Magic again

Wizards of the Coast launched on February 10 the last collection of letters from Magic: The Gatheringtitled Pyrexia: All Will Be One. This collection contains 271 new letters to play so much Sand as in physical format. To capture the horror of the phyrexians, the collection features several different decorative treatments, all inspired by Japanese horror. For this reason, the popular mangaka and artist Junji Ito has been in charge of making one of the illustrations for the leader Elesh Norn.

In addition to the illustration of the famous mangaka, Pyrexia: All Will Be One features 40 hand-picked cards that have a unique design ichorwhile the 10 planeswalkers from the collection have a borderless sleeve design. There are even 10 fully-illustrated basic lands: five fully-illustrated lands with infected mana symbols, and five fully-illustrated panoramic lands.

Pyrexia: All Will Be One is the third part (of four) of the plot line of Pyrexia that will allow players to experience both the beauty and the horror of the Phyrexians, Magic’s oldest and most memorable villains, still pursuing their plan to take over the Multiverse.

For thousands of years, the Phyrexians have tried to dominate all other worlds by spreading their Vitric Gift and turning every living thing into a biomechanical horror. Magic’s heroic Planeswalkers have always managed to stop these invasions… until now! Phyrexia’s leader, the Machine Mother Elesh Norn, has developed a way to infiltrate the entire Multiverse, including corrupting some of Magic’s most iconic and heroic characters.

This is not the first time Junji Ito has collaborated with Wizards of the Coast for the franchise Magic: The Gathering. Previously, the mangaka made a collection of four cards within the line Secret Lair. In this collection, Junji Ito he reimagined the cards in his style Carrion Feeder, doomsday, plaguecrafter and Thoughtseize. These letters were released during the super drop in October 2022 in matte edition and glossy edition, both in English and Japanese.

Fountain: Wizards of the Coast

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