K-pop fandom: Comebacks from December 19 to 31

Comebacks from December 19 to 31

In the section K-pop fandom We are talking about all the K-pop groups that catch our attention, without making any distinctions of any kind. From fans to fans.

But first of all and for the most clueless: what is a comeback? It is when an artist returns with a new music video, also called an MV, to dazzle his followers.

With that being said, are you ready to jump right into the world of K-pop? Let’s start!


the male group ateez has released his second single album called SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITNESS. It consists of five songs, “Halazia” is the main one.

I have stayed with my mouth open, the MV is amazing. Although I admit that I do not understand anything. The choreography is fantastic as always and I already have the song on loop in my head. Woo Young With that fiery red hair, she looks amazing, I had to say.


moonbyulMember of mamamoo, has released his third solo single to celebrate his birthday on December 22. There are three songs in total, but she has only released a video clip for “present”.

The song is not bad at all, in the video he has chosen to add the date of his birthday, but giving it a Christmas touch. This is what happens to all of us who are born in the month of December, inevitably the dates get mixed up, just like the gifts.


The company SM Entertainment He already has us accustomed to drawing collaborations between his different artists. On this occasion he has brought together kai of EXO, seulgi of red velvet, Jeno of NCT Y Karina of aespa to release the song”Hot & Cold”.

The video is very simple but effective: they come out singing and teaching a great choreography among all. I liked the combination of the four, I hope they will release something together again in the future.


Minniegroup member (G)I-DLE has released a cover of the song “Remember me” from the movie Disney: Coconut. I loved seeing her singing in Spanish, it shows that she has practiced the language a lot and it has turned out great.


WayVthe Chinese sub-unit of the group NCTjust released his fourth mini album called Phantom. Composed of eight songs in total, the main one has the same name as the album.

The concept reminds me ofThe Phantom of the Opera”, they come out with very elegant suits and very palatial settings. Surrounded by candles and chains, the dark touch that they have given is great. I didn’t expect it at all.


Itzy At the end of November they released their sixth mini album Cheshire. To take advantage of and continue releasing content for fans, they have collaborated with Amazon Music and they have recorded a special Christmas video clip.

We can simply see the complete choreography, with a background of a giant Christmas tree and many lights. They look gorgeous in those Santa Claus outfits.

As expected, this week I’m staying with the comeback of ateez upside down What has been your favorite song from the end of the year?

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