K-pop fandom: Comebacks from December 5 to 18

Comebacks from December 5 to 18

In the section K-pop fandom We are talking about all the K-pop groups that catch our attention, without making any distinctions of any kind. From fans to fans.

But first of all and for the most clueless: what is a comeback? It is when an artist returns with a new music video, also called an MV, to dazzle his followers.

With that being said, are you ready to jump right into the world of K-pop? Let’s start!


I was looking forward to a collaboration between red velvet Y aespa If I’m honest, they are two groups that I love, but they have very different styles. On this occasion, they have come together to release a Christmas single called «Beautiful Christmas”.

They sing about how December is their favorite time of the year, since they have worked hard for a long time and now they are in the final stretch, it is time to rest, enjoy a vacation and reunite with the family. They have a beautiful video left with those Santa Claus suits and with so much snow. I really liked everything, except the dance, which I see as too simple.