K-pop fandom: Comebacks from December 5 to 18

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Comebacks from December 5 to 18

In the section K-pop fandom We are talking about all the K-pop groups that catch our attention, without making any distinctions of any kind. From fans to fans.

But first of all and for the most clueless: what is a comeback? It is when an artist returns with a new music video, also called an MV, to dazzle his followers.

With that being said, are you ready to jump right into the world of K-pop? Let’s start!


I was looking forward to a collaboration between red velvet Y aespa If I’m honest, they are two groups that I love, but they have very different styles. On this occasion, they have come together to release a Christmas single called “Beautiful Christmas”.

They sing about how December is their favorite time of the year, since they have worked hard for a long time and now they are in the final stretch, it is time to rest, enjoy a vacation and reunite with the family. They have a beautiful video left with those Santa Claus suits and with so much snow. I really liked everything, except the dance, which I see as too simple.


Super Junior returns with his eleventh mini album called The Road: Celebration. There are five songs in total, “Celebrate” is the main one.

It is a Christmas love song. They talk about celebrating the moment, not letting it go by and enjoying it with all your heart. To accumulate memories just like snow accumulates at this time. Super nice video with all the people that come out.


Minhogroup member shineejust released his first solo mini album called chase. The title track bears the same name, but the album delights fans with five more songs.

I expected something very different from him, accustomed to those pieces of dance steps, this time he doesn’t even move. It’s a more relaxed and sensual song, with a video that looks like something out of a k-drama. It shows what a good actor he is, but I don’t know, he doesn’t finish convincing me.


the male group NCT Dreamsub-unit of NCTreturns with his special Christmas mini album called Candy. It consists of six songs in total, where the main one has the same name as the album.

They are enjoying the Christmas season eating sweets, opening presents with friends and having fun in an arcade. The song is very cute, but at this time it is what you most want to hear.

This week has been completely for the artists of the company SM Entertainment, they love to throw Christmas songs, and I am so happy. Although I recognize that the collaboration between red velvet Y aespa It has conquered me above all.

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