K-pop fandom: Comebacks from February 20 to 26

Comebacks from February 20 to 26

In the section K-pop fandom We are talking about all the K-pop groups that catch our attention, without making any distinctions of any kind. From fans to fans.

But first of all and for the most clueless: what is a comeback? It is when an artist returns with a new music video, also called an MV, to dazzle his followers.

With that being said, are you ready to jump right into the world of K-pop? Let’s start!


the male group The Boyz returns with his eighth mini album called Be Awake. Comprised of six songs in total, “Roar” is the main one.

The concept is that when they roar they turn into beasts, growing claws and fangs to fight. The song is really quite good, but what stands out the most is undoubtedly the choreography. Especially the break dance part and the ending, with all of them dancing drenched in the rain.


the girls of fiftyfifty They debuted at the end of 2022, and now that Valentine’s Day has passed, they complain about Cupid with this single called “Cupid”.

They say he’s stupid and where is he when they need him. Neither the song nor the video clip itself really stand out much or go out of the ordinary. What I liked the most is the final stage that seems to be all singing and dancing in the sky.


the boys of It’s Last They return with their first digital single called “thrill”. They have recorded the video on a single stage, but they have played very well with the lights, constantly changing the colors in each section of the song and placing them in different positions. In this way, the boys and the choreography stand out a lot.

It hasn’t killed me and it’s not a group I follow closely. But hey, I wish them the best and see what else they bring out, since it’s been a whole year since they made a comeback. I imagine that the wait will have been long for the fans.

Few songs have come out this week. As expected, I’ll take the one from the group The Boyz. What was your favorite?

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