K-pop fandom: Comebacks from January 16 to 22

Comebacks from January 16 to 22

In the section K-pop fandom We are talking about all the K-pop groups that catch our attention, without making any distinctions of any kind. From fans to fans.

But first of all and for the most clueless: what is a comeback? It is when an artist returns with a new music video, also called an MV, to dazzle his followers.

With that being said, are you ready to jump right into the world of K-pop? Let’s start!

GOT the beat

The group is finally going to debut properly Girls On Top of the company SM Entertainment. It is a mixture of various members of their most well-known groups: Taeyeon and hyoyeon of Girls’ Generationthe soloist Boa, Wendy and seulgi of red velvetand finally, Karina and Winter of aespa.

That being said, they just released their first mini album called Stamp On It. The title track bears the same name, but it consists of six songs in total. I’m in love with the whole record, I’ll end up buying it to be honest. But most of all I adore the song.”Goddess Level”.

They all look impressive in the video clip, this style of bad and empowered girls freaks me out. And that they make combinations between artists from different groups is a plus. I hope they do great.


the girls of signature they return with their third mini album called My Little Aurora. It consists of only four songs, where “dawn” is the main one.

They have chosen a cute style for the MV, nothing innovative and somewhat repetitive that we have seen before in many other groups. But I have to admit that the chorus sticks right away and sticks in your head.


jinyoungwell-known member of GOT7just released his first solo mini album called Chapter 0: WITH. “cotton candy” is the title track, but he delights his fans with four more songs. Almost all of them are beautiful ballads where she shows her musical skills.

He has a relaxed and calm style, transmits a very good vibe. The song hasn’t killed me, but it’s not bad to listen to it from time to time.


yenawell-known member of the group IZ*ONEjust released his first solo digital single called “Love War”, in collaboration with rapper Be’either. The combination of both voices is great, and the MV is at the level of any k-drama production. Very cool.

This week I prefer GOT the beat upside down. What has been your favorite comeback?

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