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Kaede’s breasts once again take the lead from Onimai

Yeah it’s happening again Studio Bind is giving something to talk about with each new episode of the anime Onimai: I’m Now Your Sister! (Oniichan wa Oshimai!). It turns out that the fifth episode, broadcast on February 2, included a scene in which Kaede Hozuki She appeared dressed in a demon outfit that revealed her spectacular curves, which had already starred in viral moments in past episodes.

It was the Twitter user “@kuresome” who shared the original scene, and let’s remember that the behavior of fans in the anime industry is extremely predictable, so that was enough for the episode to attract attention on social networks:

Notable comments in this regard were:

  • «Well, this girl is not the main character, but she was the one who motivated me to watch this series».
  • «Wow, I’m already starting to see what the appeal of this series is.».
  • «This was definitely my favorite scene of the episode.».
  • (By the animator in charge, kayyu) «They really let me animate all those parts of Kaede’s body up close, and they kept up with all the moves I put in. And this was actually aired on TV huh, wow».
  • (In response to the entertainer)”What do you think about the subject? The series is superbly animated, but would you consider it tasteful given the age of the characters? Or does it seem different to you?».
  • (Response from the animator in charge) «I’m a big fan of the original “Onimai” manga and I’m very proud of the anime for its characters and writing, and I have no problem with it being done. Twitter is by no means a place where fair, mature and moral discussions take place, so all I will say is that I fully support both anime and manga as a fan.».
  • «I just watched Ayakashi Triangle and the censorship is totally ridiculous. Then I come and see that this was broadcast without any cut, is there some behind-the-scenes deal that we’re not aware of?».
  • «I find it incredible how it is that a secondary character is the one who takes center stage in each episode in which he appears».
  • «Studio Bind knows what you need to sell. At the end of the day, what matters is the amount of money you raise, money is the only thing that matters».
  • «Well, now I understand everyone who complained that her breasts were absurdly large, they were right!».
  • «It is as if the animation team of the project had seen the Kaede from the manga and only thought of improving her more and more.».
  • «Wow, the shots are getting closer and closer to her ass and tits».
  • «It’s refreshing to see an anime production that doesn’t care about what people will say. I guess this is because Studio Bind is a relatively new studio, so it doesn’t have a reputation to uphold yet.».
  • «They have finally convinced me to watch this series».

Synopsis for Onimai: I’m Now Your Sister!

Self-proclaimed “home security guard” Mahiro Oyama hasn’t left the house for years, retreating to his room to play erotic visual novels. This depraved lifestyle makes his prodigious sister, Mihari, concerned for his well-being. Hoping to fix this problem, she devises a plan to rehabilitate him and return him to normal.

The first part of Mihari’s plan involves inventing a medicine that will transform her brother’s biological makeup into a real woman, much to Mahiro’s dismay. Caught in this predicament, Mahiro has no choice but to live her life as a cute girl until it wears off, if she does.

Fountain: @kuresome on Twitter


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