Kinnikuman (Musculman) confirms a key change in the new anime with a trailer

Now that we are about to enter a whole new year it is time to look ahead and contemplate all the anime premieres that will take place in the coming months. In addition to long-awaited debuts like Solo Leveling, 2024 will have long-awaited returns by thousands of people, like that of Kinnikuman (Muslim).

Next year the 40th anniversary of the original anime based on the story created by Yudetamagoand what better way to celebrate than with a brand new animated series carried out by a guarantee study such as Production IG. But be careful, there will be important changess.

I present to you the new voice of Kinnikuman

  • The protagonist of the anime, Kinnikuman, He will change his voice and from now on he will be dubbed by Mamoru Miyano (Light in Death Note, Rintaro in Stains;Gate)❗❗❗
  • Akira Kamiyathe former voice of the character, will continue to be in the series but with two more secondary roles: will play Mayumi Kinniku and Prince Kamehame 😯😯
  • We are facing a generational change that allows great talents like Mamoru Miyano to assume the role of true leaders of the country of nascent son.
  • Below I leave you with the preview in question so that you can appreciate Miyano-sensei’s interpretation 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Premise of Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc

Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc is a sequel to Kinnikuman: Scramble For The Throne (1990s anime) whose events are based on the arc of the manga “Perfect Origin”, which precedes those of the 2002 series that aired in Spain. .

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