Kizaru sows doubt again in chapter 1108 of One Piece: What is he really up to?

The Egghead arc is serving to many important secondary characters of One Piece step forward and star in important scenes. In addition to Saturn, Shanks, Law, Kid, Dorry, Brogy and company, one of those who has had the most presence in the manga for a year is Kizaruand his role is puzzling many.

This admiral was always characterized as being ruthless and very powerful, however through Kuma’s flashback we discover that he actually has a kind side and that he cares about his friends. Eiichiro Oda is showing us the most human side of Borsalinoand In chapter 1108 he again performed an action that raised doubts among readers.

Kizaru and his role in Egghead: Ally or enemy?

  • In it chapter 1103 It was seen how Luffy regained strength because, suddenly, he found himself surrounded by food that magically appeared next to him❓
  • Many fans pointed out that the only one capable of going for the food, leaving it near Straw Hat and returning to his initial position without raising suspicions is Kizaru 🤔
  • If confirmed, the Admiral would be betraying Saturn’s orders and therefore would be a traitor to the World Government❗❗❗
  • Furthermore, in chapter 1108, it is observed how Kizaru pierces Vegapunk with the same wound that Saturn had previously inflicted on him.causing unbearable pain🩸🩸
  • What is peculiar about this situation? Many users speculate that Kizaru did not intend to end the scientist’s life, but rather cauterize the wound to prevent his ‘friend’ from bleeding out👀
  • This would be the second time that Kizaru “helps” the other side👀

Personally I agree with this sector of the fans: Kizaru has many conflicting feelings and doesn’t know what is right.. Therefore he is choosing to do a little of everything, carry out Saturn’s orders while also lending some help to Luffy and Vegapunk. Because let’s remember, Borsalino cares about his friends.

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