Kobeni McDonalds does not represent Kobeni, Car of Kobeni 2022



I’ve seen that the internet is full of Kobeni’s posts on McDonalds and I know that in the manga the restaurant is not McDonald’s but Family Burger, but I have no problem comparing McDonald’s or BurguerKing, they are still very popular burger restaurants. It is a topic on which I want to give my point of view, I suppose any opinion is valid, that said, I hope you like this article.


I understand that Kobeni is one of the most beloved characters in Tatsuki Fujimoto’s work, I also love that character very much, I even made this website exclusively to publish Kobeni content. Kobeni is possibly the funniest character for the community, I mention this because as I said before, lately I can’t stop seeing Kobeni’s posts at McDonald’s. It is as if you will think of suffering and fun when you think of Kobeni.


Kobeni’s fanart at McDonalds is fun and really the artists are very talented, I think Kobeni should have more appreciation and recognition considering that she can do incredible things with the right inspiration. I’m talking about her really being a professional killer and kick ass, you should know that if you’ve read the manga. I want to make it clear that I have no problem with the Kobeni fanart in McDonalds, it’s just a personal thought, so it shouldn’t be different what others think about Kobeni.

We live in the world of Kobeni – Kobeni McDonalds

I was browsing the internet and came across a post that reads “Kobeni does nothing but cry and spill McDonalds everywhere. Thus she captured the hearts of millions.”

I don’t really know what to say about that, maybe it’s those kind of comments that possibly make me writing this Kobeni article, Kobeni also got a perfect grade on a tricky DDR track while her life was in danger, on top of that she basically gets blackmailed for his family to earn money for them, considering that and more things in Kobeni’s life I can say that it is admirable what he has achieved, I hope in part 2 of the manga we will see more incredible things about her, surely there will be things related to bad luck.


Kobeni Burger King – Kobeni Car

I think Kobeni’s world is basically our world, embarrassing falls, fear of dangerous circumstances, quite a bit of bad luck, etc. Kobeni is amazing and his car is amazing too. So it makes sense the comments I’ve read saying “I’m Kobeni” in fact it’s quite funny and contradictory to the main topic of this article but there is a video in which a waitress is slipping all the time, everyone was saying it was Kobeni, I know it’s contradictory and any of us could be that person, we live in the world of Kobeni.

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I just wanted to leave my point of view on Kobeni and the fanart of her at McDonalds, plus I love writing how great she is, I really want to see her kick ass and get perfect scores in DDR. I think we will not see that animation by the MAPPA studio in 2022, since according to leaks we will not have all the arcs in the first installment.


The hamburger restaurant thing is crazy, possibly the Japanese end up making collaborations with the big food chains and bringing out official Tatsuki Fujimoto hamburgers, now that I remember there is already a collaboration of that, but they are Pochita hamburgers.

Thank you very much for reading McDonalds does not represent Kobeni – Kobeni McDonalds.


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