Kowloon Generic Romance, from the author of After The Rain, will have its own anime

An insider has leaked that Jun Mayuzuki’s work plans to make the leap as a television anime

Do you like romance stories with more adult stories than the vast majority of what transpires today as rom-coms? Well, this may be the time to receive very good news. Indeed, as I mentioned in the headline of the article “Kowloon Generic Romance”, manga by Jun Mayuzuki, would have planned to make the leap to the anime scene. And yes, I speak conditionally because the official announcement as such has not occurred yet, but the ‘tip’ comes from one of the most reliable sources in the sector.

If you like adult romance, then you should keep an eye on the Kowloon anime Generic Romance

Next I leave you with everything you should keep in mind about the SugoiLite filtration:

  • To begin, it is important to make it clear that at this point the leaker only reveals that Kowloon Generic Romance will have an anime. It doesn’t talk about when it will be released or an extension or anything similar. 😉
  • What has begun to be discussed among fans is the studio that will shape anime by Kowloon Generic Romance, and for a very specific reason: Jun Mayuzuki has previously seen a manga of his creation adapted which ended up having a good dose of success. 😮
  • In this case, I am talking about After The Rain, an anime that debuted in 2018 from WIT Studio. And yes, they are the same people from Ranking of Kings and those who, together with CloverWorks, work on the Spy x Family anime. If anyone wants to see the adaptation in question, they can find it as ‘After the Rain’ on Prime Video. In any case, There is no confirmation that WIT Studio is involved in this anime project. 😅
  • Kowloon Generic Romance currently has 9 volumes and more than 60 manga chapters published. Although the work is still in publication, the truth is that it already has enough material so that a first season of anime can be executed without problems. 🤔

And finally, in case anyone is interested in discovering the plot of “Kowloon Generic Romance” a little more specifically, I share the synopsis of Norma below (in charge of publishing the manga in Spain):

What is Kowloon Generic Romance about?

Treating singleness and falling in love from an adult, but fun point of view, and doing so without losing a real perspective, is not easy to achieve. If we also add that all this is framed in the walled city of Kowloon and that its protagonists hide some mysteries that will gradually be revealed, the result is this addictive romance for adults that you won’t get out of your head.

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