Kowloon Generic Romance will be paused for two months


Kowloon Generic Romance will be paused for two months

After this week’s episode of Kowloon Generic Romancethis manga of Jun Mayuzuki will pause during a period of two months. The work is expected to be paused until issue 13 of 2023 of the magazine Weekly Young Jumpwhich will go on sale on 23 of February, with the publication of the next chapter. The series was already paused until last September due to the author’s health problems.

Jun Mayuzuki began the publication of Kowloon Generic Romance in November 2019 on the pages of the magazine Weekly Young Jump of Shueisha and remains open today with 7 compilation volumes. The eighth volume of the series will go on sale in the Japanese market next Monday, December 19. According to Mayuzuki, he had the idea to launch a series about the Kowloon Walled City even when his previous work, Love is when the rain stopswas still being serialized.

This manga is being published in Spain by Editorial Standard. This began the publication of this series last May with the launch of the first volume, having already published the first three volumes of the series. It is not the first work by Jun Mayuzuki to be published in our country. Previously, Tomodomo Editions published and translated into Spanish the 10 volumes that make up the manga Koi wa Ameagari no You under the title of Love is when the rain stops. In addition to the manga, the anime of witstudiowhich is available in the catalog of Amazon Prime Video under the title of after the rain.

Treating singleness and falling in love from an adult but fun point of view, and doing it without losing a real perspective, is not easy to achieve. If we also add that all this is part of the walled city of Kowloon and that its protagonists hide some mysteries that will gradually be revealed, the result is this addictive romance for adults that you won’t get out of your head.

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