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Resultados de la sexta encuesta de popularidad de One Piece .

Resultados de la sexta encuesta de popularidad de One Piece .

Basado en más de 80,000 votos, Law cae al cuarto lugar, devolviéndonos el top 3 de nuestro Trio que estamos tan acostumbrados a ver (Luffy ,Zoro,Sanji ). Aquí está el Top 20:

1Monkey D. Luffy | Love Interest Wiki | FandomMonkey D.Luffy

11,737 votes
2One Piece: Girl shows a charming cosplay of Zoro Precious - Somag NewsRoronoa Zoro10,442 votes
3Sanji have the best face reactions #sanji #sanjivinsmoke #sanjionepiece  #onepiece | One piece photos, One piece anime, One piece
Vinsmoke Sanji10,215 votes
4TOP 5 MOMENTOS ÉPICOS DE TRAFALGAR LAW | ONE PIECE - YouTubeLaw trafalgar7,997 votes
5Portgas D Ace | ONE PIECE by Dragon--anime on DeviantArtPortgas D. Ace
4,605 votes
6Practical Typing | One Piece: Jinbe (ISTJ)Jinbe
3,884 votes
7One Piece Cosplay Gives Us Jaw Dropping New Take On ChopperChopper3,301 vote.
8Nami Chan's stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world's soundsNami
3,269 votes
9One Piece' Sets Up Sabo's Big PlotSabo
2,967 votes
10Boa Hancock (One Piece) - Anime Character RankingHancock
2,452 votes
11Shanks // One Piece cap. 957 by goldenhans on DeviantArtShanks
2,010 votes.
12Robin Thinks Dragon Is Cute [One Piece 752 Sub]- Click link below to get  free download and watch streaming FULL HD MOVI… | One piece personnage,  Dessin, PersonnageRobin
1,952 votes
13Elegant and Dangerous, Here Are 7 Facts of Cavendish in One Piece! How Much  Bounty Price Did He Have? | Dunia GamesCavendish
1,742 votes
14Pudding using her devil fruit ability on reiju - YouTubeReiju1,665 votes
15One Piece Fan Gives Usopp A Buff Makeover With This CosplayUsopp
1,409 votes
16Donquixote Rocinante (Corazon) (Corasan, Cora-san) One Piece | One piece  manga, One piece images, One piece animeRocinante
1,230 votes
17Doflamingo by VirginieLepelletier on DeviantArtDoflamingo
1,125 votes
18One Piece Sir Crocodile Tribute -Time of Dying - YouTubeCrocodile
1,050 votes
19One Piece; 3rd Theory; Brook and Laboon's reunion – The Birds of HermesBrook
936 votes
20Cyborg Franky | Wiki | One Piece AminoFranky
861 votes
20Marco the Phoenix - One Piece by Daisy-Flauriossa on DeviantArt in 2020 | One  piece drawing, One piece fanart, One piece animeMarco861 votes

Estos son los Resultados de la sexta encuesta de popularidad de One Piece . ¿Estas de acuerdo con el Ranking?

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