Launches Ivrea 2 March 2023

Launches Ivrea 2 March 2023

Editorial Ivrea releases a new weekly listing of releases for the next one thursday 2 of March of 2023. The publisher begins the month with a new manga series. Is about Akebi-chan no Sailor Fukua youthful slice-of-life who writes and illustrates Hiro and that it will arrive in Spain under the title of Akebi’s Sailor Uniform in an edition identical to the Japanese original in B6 format and that will have monthly periodicity.

Qualification: Akebi’s Sailor Uniform
Original title: Akebi-chan no Sailor Fuku (明日ちゃんのセーラー服)
Author/s: Hiro
Genders: comedy, slice of life, school life
Format: Rustic soft cover and dust jacket format B6
State: In publication (10 volumes/es)
Spanish Publisher: Ivrea
Japanese Publisher: Shueisha
See full file of Akebi’s Sailor Uniform

The quiet life in the country, a high school and a girl who wants to make friends. Akebi Komichi lives in a rural area with her family and just got into the famous Roubai High School Academy, which her mother already attended. Like her, she would like to wear the classic sailor uniform, which is no longer the usual at the Academy. After being allowed to wear her long-awaited uniform sewn for her by her mother, Akebi will start her life in high school with the aim of making many friends. The calm passage of time, innocence and naturalness will mark the life of Akebi and her friends.

Apart from the aforementioned title, the eighth volume of Alice in Borderland by Haro Aso, the eleventh volume of the historical and military manga Kingdom by Yasuhisa Hara, the sixth volume of the murder comedy Sakamoto Days by Yuuto Suzuki, the tenth volume of SPY×FAMILY with which the Japanese edition of this manga by Tatsuya Endo and the eighteenth volume of Takagi-san, expert in practical jokes by Soichiro Yamamoto. Close this weekly list reprint from the third volume of Little Witch Academia and the ninth and tenth volumes of Strobe Edge.

Below is the complete list with the releases for the March 2, 2023 by the Editorial Ivrea:

  • Akebi’s Sailor Uniform #1 (Hiro) – €9.00
  • Alice in Borderland #8 (Haro Aso) – €14.00
  • Kingdom #11 (Yasuhisa Hara) – €8.50
  • Sakamoto Days #6 (Yuuto Suzuki) – €8.00
  • SPY×FAMILY #10 (Tatsuya Endō) – €8.00
  • Takagi-san, Prank Expert #18 (Soichiro Yamamoto) – €8.50
  • Fountain: Editorial Ivrea

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