Launches La Cúpula February 2023

Launches La Cúpula February 2023

For this month of February 2028, The Dome Editions has prepared a novelty for lovers of horror manga. The publisher recovers the manga Mask Stories of the teacher Hiseshi Hino in a new edition that will go on sale next Thursday February 16th. This will have a paperback paperback and with flaps size 13 x 18 cm. and a sale price of €13.50. The work was previously published by the dome in July 2010 in a paperback edition with a stitched spine and size 12.8 x 18 cm.

Qualification: Mask Stories
Original title: Kaiki kessakusen (怪奇傑作選)
Author/s: Hideshi Hino
Genders: drama, supernatural, horror
Format: Rustic soft cover with flaps 130 x 180 mm.
State: Finished (1 volume/s)
Spanish Publisher: the dome
Japanese Publisher: nihon bungeisha
See complete sheet of Stories of the mask

Macabre stories that give meaning to some old girl’s shoes, a cursed sword, some children’s spinning tops, a model train or a ghost ship; memories of the war, ancient legends coming from the winter of humanity.

Hannya’s mask, a jealous devil located in an old antique shop, peers into the darkness of men’s hearts and knows the secrets of all the objects that have been accumulating there since time immemorial.

Below is the detailed list of releases of the dome for the month of February 2023:

  • Mask Stories (Hideshi Hino) – €13.50
  • Fountain: the dome

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