Launches Satori Editions February 2023

Launches Satori Editions February 2023

Satori Editions face the month of february with two novelties and a continuation in his manga line. All these volumes, based in Japan, will go on sale on different dates throughout the month.

The first of the novelties is for sale since the past February 6th. Is about The keyanother book by Junichirô Tanizaki that joins the catalog of satori. The most controversial novel by this author, a cornerstone of Japanese literature, is published in a paperback edition at a price of €22.

Qualification: The key
Original title:
Author/s: Junichiro Tanizaki
Genders: eroticism, fiction
Format: rustic. 135x210mm.
State: Finished (1 volume/s)
Spanish Publisher: Satori Editions
Japanese Publisher:
See complete file of The key

«I have decided that, starting this year, I am going to openly address in the newspaper all those topics that I was hesitant to include before. Until now I have avoided narrating the details of my sexual and married life for fear that my wife would read this diary in secret and get angry with me, but this year I have decided to take a risk…”, thus begins The Key, the most controversial and controversial novel of Tanizaki, whose pages bring us closer to a couple made up of an old professor and his modest wife, much younger. But she also, curiously, started that year a secret diary in which she tells her version of her events, thus beginning a kind of impossible dialogue thanks to which the reader will follow the extremely dangerous couple games in which they will end up involved. …

The second novelty, heroes of the great pacificationIt will go on sale next February 20th. This book has one hundred prints of heroic warriors from Japanese history by Yoshiiku Utagawa and texts by Pilar Cabañas Moreno, collected in 284 pages. All this at a price of €28.

Discover the lives of the most powerful samurai in Japanese history. Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Takeda Shingen, Uesugi Kenshin, and many other warriors who lived through a fascinating time of rivalry, betrayal, and intrigue, and who rose to the status of national heroes.

On the other hand, in February, Satori Editions also edit the next one February 27 the second volume of My friend the Kappa. This work by Shigeru Mizuki, which will be published in a total of three volumes, is priced at €22.

Below is the full list of releases from Satori Editions for the month of February 2023:

  • The key (Junichiro Tanizaki) – €22.00
  • heroes of the great pacification (Yoshiiku Utagawa, Pilar Cabañas Moreno) – €28.00
  • My friend the Kappa #2 (Shigeru Mizuki) – €22.00
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