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Lolis are in danger in Japan — Kudasai

A few days ago we reported that a strong controversy had arisen in Japan against a loli artist who had apparently “crossed the line” by making an illustration that parodied a real-life controversy. Although we already explained this situation in the article “A pair of lolis attract controversy in Japan“We will give you a summary because the consequences are still being observed.

It turns out that in Australia, the clothing brand H&M ran a campaign for a new clothing line for back to school. This campaign included a photograph of two elementary school girls posing in front of a pink background. Both in fashionable school outfits, looking at the camera over their shoulders.

The problem arose from the slogan, which wrote: «Turn heads with H&M’s back-to-school fashion». With its allusion to prying eyes and dressing to attract attention, the expression “turn heads” is a strange phrase to associate with little girls. It didn’t take long for the company to eliminate all traces of this campaign and apologize publicly, but it was too late.


Well, it turns out that the hentai artist “Sabaku Chitai (@5goutotugekihou)” shared the following illustration referring to this controversial campaign. However, among consumers of loli content, there is the idea of ​​“separating reality from fiction” as a way to show that “their desires are only towards fictional characters.”


For this reason, the fact that the artist decided to rely on a real photograph to make the illustration in question was seen as something grotesque for Internet users and even for loli fans themselves. And although the author came out to apologize and the editorial department of Comic LO (a loli magazine he works for) issued a statement pointing out that the author’s actions did not represent them (but without calling him out or anything), the consequences They continue to be observed to this day.

To start, “Sabaku Chitai (@5goutotugekihou)” no longer exists on Twitter. And it is not because the author deactivated his account to escape the controversy, it is because he was suspended from the social network. This only happens when many reports have been received, which shows that there were many who did not approve of his behavior.


Comic LO’s stance of not sanctioning the author in question apparently led Internet users to also begin to affect other hentai artists assigned to the same loli countless suspensions or missing accounts have been observed one after another on Twitter:

  • Kichiji Matsumoto (松本きちぢ)
  • Konnyaku (こんにゃく)

This sudden deletion of hentai artists’ accounts (some purely focused on lolis) has caught the attention of manyand it seems that the controversy caused by the artist Sabaku Chitai was “the straw that broke the camel’s back”:

  • «Are these the results of Comic LO’s mess? What a mess».
  • «The removal of all that content from Twitter has begun, it’s finally here».
  • «It’s natural, unfortunate, but predictable».
  • «The Internet is becoming an increasingly beautiful place».
  • «Lolicon artists who promote content based on real girls should be enemies of society».
  • «It is abnormal that one form of protest is to have others’ Twitter accounts suspended. In other countries, what they do is look for you and shoot you.».
  • «Well, they had certainly been very lucky that Twitter hadn’t done anything to them all this time. I understand that it can be done on Japanese sites, but not on American sites.».
  • «It’s incredible that there is a market where lolis are mixed with horrible situations, I just don’t understand it».
  • «First of all, Comic LO has to clean up his mess and fire the guy who started it all.».
  • «I guess a lot of artists will give up lolis for a while. But until there is a real effect, these types of situations will continue to repeat themselves».
  • «And why do they suspend the accounts of those who make lolicon, but not those who make shotacon? Why is one bad and the other good?».
  • «There is no worse enemy for a company than an incompetent employee, and that is what happens here».
  • «From now on, simply add a note saying that all characters shown are of legal age. If they seem minor to the public, that’s their problem.».
  • «Ah, it’s a chain reaction. At this rate many more hentai artists will disappear from Twitter. It may seem silly to them and they may “just go somewhere else.” Those who think this are simply idiots, how do you compare the reach these artists had on Twitter to any other platform that only perverts like you know about?».

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