Look Back, from the creator of Chainsaw Man, will have its animated film

Look Back, from the creator of Chainsaw Man, will have its animated film

Look Back It would be released in theaters in Japan on June 28, 2024. Of course, there is still no allusive date for LATAM, but we are all looking forward to it.

Look Back will be in charge of the Durian studioShishigari, Heikousen, Evangelion × Attack ZERO–, under the direction of Kiyotaja Oshiyama Flip Flappers, Chainsaw Man, DEVILMAN crybaby, Space☆Dandy–. The studio is also in charge of the scripts and character designs. More details have not yet been revealed, but the teaser – which responds to the original cover of the one-shot – was released in slow motion.

In this one we see the protagonist from behind, while she makes the strokes of her sleeve. The colors, textures and lines are impressive!! Hopefully there will be news soon Goodbye, Eri. They imagine?

With the return of Chainsaw Man and this adaptation of Look Back, It seems that we will begin a spectacular 2024 with the help of Tatsuki Fujimoto.

Look Back will hit the big screens in Japan in the summer of 2024. A teaser of the protagonist was released.
Source: Durian Study

Let us remember that the author has two serializations: Chainsaw Man which remains in serialization – you can follow it through Manga Plus which publishes it in Spanish – and Fire Punch which has already ended – but which currently has a reissue.

This summer the film will arrive Look Back to the country of the rising sun.

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What is Look Back about?

Look Back focuses on a couple of girls, both are interested in manga, one is recognized but has a long way to go; another gets an amazing technique but she doesn’t go to school.

The girls will meet and become friends, the passage of time will unite them and then separate them, but there is a very precise and fantastic wink that could turn the story around.

A bittersweet story of growing up and moving on.

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