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Marin Kitagawa’s Ugly Cake Returns, But Improved — Kudasai

In early 2023, a post in a popular Facebook group trended after the user shared a bad experience when requesting a decorated cake somewhere in Mexico. The subject reported that he went to a supermarket on the Sorana line to request a cake decorated with the face of Marin Kitagawathe protagonist of “Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (My Dress-Up Darling)”.

«Today I turn 24 years old and since I was a child I have been looking forward to turning 24. So I thought I deserved to have a decent figure cake. I sent it to order like Marin Kitagawa and they delivered this crap to me», commented the user at that time. You could really see that the staff in charge of this “work” put little effort into it, since the only similarities were the hair color, the eye color, and the choker. The rest was done “with the legs.”

Marin Kitagawa
Marin Kitagawa

But they say that hope is the last thing that should be lost, since now, a year after this bitter experience, the user returned to ask for a cake decorated with his waifu’s face., although on this occasion he requested it from an establishment specialized in this type of product. On her twenty-fifth birthday, her mother finally granted her wish of having a cake decorated with Marin Kitagawa:

«Hello guys, I want to tell you that I had my god ending. A year ago I ordered a Marin Kitagawa cake from Soriana for my birthday and they delivered an aberration. But, for this year, my mom found a baker who I thought did an excellent job. Here I leave you a comparison of this year’s cake, the reference image and the abomination from a year ago», wrote the user:

And of course, his return was full of comments from Internet users:

  • «There are details to polish, but compared to the other garbage, ugh, it is eaten with pleasure».
  • «Well, there is more or less, but unlike the other one, it is better».
  • «It was making a cake imitating it, not taking it directly from the anime».
  • «It’s obvious that he really wanted to».
  • «Hey, at least now it’s decent».
  • «That baker deserves a millionaire husband and heaven».
  • «What a difference, you still can’t expect it to be exactly the same since it was made completely from scratch, and it is not one of those typical super sweet wafers that give you the identical design, but very opaque».
  • «Wow, twenty-five years without putting it on».
  • «Be careful, that cake can turn into one of four milks».
  • «The truth is very decent».

Fountain: Facebook [ADLG: Anime De La Grasa]

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