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Megami Magazine reveals the illustrations of its March 2023 issue

As is customary in the last days of each month, the new and spectacular illustrations that can be found in the next issue of the Japanese magazine have been revealed. Megami Magazine. This new release, which corresponds to the second edition of the year 2023 (also known as March-2023), it can already be purchased in physical stores in Japan and also on import sites, such as CDJapan.

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten

The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady

Spy Classroom

The Eminence in Shadow

BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense Anime

Gotoubun no Hanayome

Onimai: I’m Now Your Sister!

Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire

Handyman Saito in Another World

Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha 2nd Season

Chillin’ in My 30s after Getting Fired from the Demon King’s Army

Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san



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