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Merry Christmas from the world of anime! —Kudasai

The Christmas season has arrived, and the anime community is joining the celebration by sharing beautiful illustrations and festive messages on social media. From talented animators to passionate fans, the anime industry dresses up to commemorate the Christmas season in a unique and creative way.

In Japan, Christmas is celebrated differently from Western traditions. Although it is not a significant religious holiday in the country, it has been adopted as a time to share special moments with loved ones and enjoy festive decorations. One of the most peculiar aspects of the Christmas celebration in Japan is the custom of enjoying a KFC Christmas dinner.

This tradition originated in the 1970s when a successful advertising campaign by Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) presented the idea of ​​enjoying a “Kentucky is Christmas! (ケンタッキーはクリスマス!)” with fried chicken. Since then, it has become ingrained in Japanese culture, becoming a tradition for many Japanese families to enjoy a feast of KFC fried chicken during Christmas Eve.

The anime community has embraced the holiday with enthusiasm, sharing charming illustrations of beloved characters dressed in festive attire, exchanging gifts, and enjoying the company of friends and family. Social media is flooded with these artistic renderings, showing the Christmas spirit through the unique lens of the anime world.

It’s common to see iconic characters from popular shows draped in bright lights, holding carefully wrapped gifts, or participating in festive activities. This virtual tradition not only reflects the creativity and dedication of the anime community, but also adds a touch of magic and joy to the holiday season for fans around the world. Happy holidays from the world of anime!

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