Miniature Beauties: Hakurou: That time I got reincarnated as a slime – Otherworlder vol. 12(Banpresto)

Hakurou: That time I got reincarnated as a slime – Otherworlder vol. 12

Once again we bring you a new installment of the section miniature beautythe section of Ramen for Two in which shell some of the most interesting figures that reach the Spanish market. This time it is the figure of Hakuroof the line Otherwolders of the franchise Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (That time I turned into a slime). This figure of Banpresto Spain It can be purchased through the official website of Banpresto Spain.

The most popular slime

The franchise That time I turned into a slime is based on the popular light novels by fusewith illustrations by Mitz Vahwhich currently has a total of 21 volumes published in Japan.

Apart from the light novels, this franchise has several adaptations to the sleeve. taiki kawakami illustrates the manga that adapts the main story for the magazine Shounen Sirus of kodansha. This adaptation has 21 volumes in Japan. Other than this manga, there are three sleeves spin off that expand the universe of the series.

An anime of two seasons of 26 chapters was also produced, produced by the studio 8-bit. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu wrote the script for both seasons. Yasuhito Kikuchi directed the first, while Atsushi Nakayama took over the direction in the second season. Other than this anime, 8-bit studio produced the 12-episode anime. Tensura Nikki: Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken with dashes of Kotatsumikan and under the direction of Yuji Ikuhara and Tsutomu Kasai.

Finally, on November 25 the film will be released in Japan. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime The Movie: Scarlet Bond. This film, produced by the 8-bit studio, features a completely new story written by Fuse, the creator of the original work.

In Spain, Editorial Standard The publication of this work of action, comedy and fantasy began in March 2019 under the title of That time I turned into a slime and of which he has already published the first 16 volumes. On the other hand, crunchyroll It has both the anime and the OVAs of the main series, as well as the spin off Tensura Nikki Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. In addition, the online anime distributor plans to release the film of the series in theaters early next year.

Satoru Mikami is a 37-year-old man who has a job he doesn’t like, no way out, and who isn’t happy with the life he leads, but when he dies at the hands of a thief and thinks it’s the end of him, he wakes up to discover that he’s gone. has been reincarnated in a world of magic and sword… but as a slime! Now he will have to get used to his new life, although luckily he will have two unique abilities that will help him survive: one that gives him a great understanding of everything around him, and another that allows him to copy the abilities of his opponents.

A simple and attractive assembly

Of all the analyzed figures of the line otherworldersthat of Hakuro perhaps it is the one with the easiest assembly. The figure consists of four parts well differentiated: a head, the body, the base and the sword. As usual in this line of figures, the head has a protuberance that is inserted into a hole in the body. After doing so, both are perfectly attached and it is impossible to distinguish the separation between the two pieces.

The sword fits perfectly in the hands of Hakurounlike other figures such as that of Rimuru, and it stays well attached. Finally the base has two small indentations that fit firmly into the protuberances of the feet.

This assembly, apart from being simple, is very successful, giving a dynamic appearance and realistic to the figure. Hakuro He is always ready to draw his sword, and the figure represents it faithfully. From the marks of the sword, the hand position (one holding the sword and the other ready to unhook the scabbard), as well as the whole body (ready to fight).

As in other figures of the line otherworlders The black base helps the figure to have a more epic posture without gaining prominence. In this case, the feet of Hakuro are separated, enhancing the feeling that the character is ready to attack

soldier’s clothing

The color palette of Hakuro is equal at the original sources white and green with a violet for the hair. This color combination gives a sense of tranquility and of not standing out that other characters, due to their way of being, lack. This feeling of calm is enhanced by long, comfortable clothing.

The clothes of Hakuro Is divided into three parts. First, a green shawl that helps to identify the character, but with a soft color, almost pastel, that invites tranquility. The shawl is very well defined, with folds and a rougher part that indicates the position of the hood.

Under the shawl is the suit. This is divided into a full-length jacket and trousers. Both of them are ivory white and they want to convey the almost solemnity of the character’s monk. There is hardly any difference between the two garments and their transition is continuous. Still, this sense of peace contrasts with the folds of the clothing. The whole suit is full of wrinkles for him motion and the posture, something that helps to give the character great dynamism.

Finally, the geta and long socks, in a marked Japanese style, enhance the samurai warrior air of the character. In the socks you can see the finger so characteristic of these Japanese shoes. The socks, for their part, use the same color palette as the shawl and serve with it to define the character. The figure’s socks include a rope to tie them to the pants, something that, although it was not necessary, highlights the character’s style and increases the number of details in the figure.

The oldest oni

After seeing the character’s face, it is impossible not to be surprised by the large number of details on it. It is not only well defined and with large number of details, something strange for figures of less than €40, but also has characteristic details of the character such as his small eyebrows, his horns or even his wrinkles. Along with this, the character has long but collected hair that waves in the wind in the opposite direction of the attack position, affecting the epicity of the posture.

Finally, as we have previously commented, the character’s sword fits perfectly into the character’s hands. This one has the separation mark between the scabbard and the sword and fits perfectly on the fingers of Hakuro. These are well separated and have a great number of details, including the tendons in the hand. All of this gives the set a sense of realism that fans of the series will be excited about.

A samurai for all audiences

Following the excellent tradition of the line otherworldersthe figure of Hakuro has a great value for money. For approximately €18, any fan of the series can have a fairly detailed and quality figure to display in their showcases, and accompany other figures from this popular series.

Data sheet

Maker: Banpresto
Specifications: PVC/ABS Pre-painted Figure
Size:14 centimeters
Price: Around €18
official website:

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