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Misty’s boobiness is buffed in this cosplay


The popular cosplayer, Nicky Cosplayer surprised his followers by posting a series of photos featuring Misty (incredibly buffed by the way) from the popular, nostalgic and recently viral anime Pokemon.


And obviously the slightly risque image could not be missing, but without being vulgar to close with a flourish👌

As we can see, it is a fairly buffed cosplay with attributes capable of pleasing the most select taste of any fan of this beautiful and classic waifu.

Some comments from his followers were the following:

  • Misty is too op
  • Misty never looked so good ❤️
  • incredibly beautiful
  • Congratulations to Pikachu who, after 25 years, can finally get in and out of work
  • Look at the cosplay, the anime/manga is badly adapted
  • That Pokeball is getting in the way 😂


About pokemon

Ash Ketchum He is an enthusiastic boy who likes Pokémon and battles. His great passion for Pokémon has led him to set himself the goal of becoming a pokemon masterthe highest degree of Pokémon training, which is why he begins a journey in search of this title.

Upon turning 10, Ash has the opportunity to receive his starter Pokémon from Professor Oak. Unfortunately, he fell asleep the night before his first day of travel, and by the time he reached the professor’s lab, all of the starter Pokémon (Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle) had already been chosen by other trainers. His insistence on having a Pokémon allowed him to receive as its starting Pokémon a Pikachu stubborn who does not like to enter the Pokéball / Poké Ball.

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