Monsters: Dragon Hell

Monsters: Dragon Hellis now available on Netflixand with this we find a window to the beginnings of the universe of “One Piece“. Because when the story of Monkey D. Luffy had not even taken off, Eiichiro Oda already imagined that legendary samurai from Wano by name Shimotsuki Ryuma that we met at Thriller Bark… but obviously without all the ‘look‘ zombie. Now seen the anime that tells us an adventure in the history of said character, There are definitely things to say.

Monsters: Dragon’s Hell, a story that connects with One Piece and Zoro’s legacy

There are several things that I can highlight about “Monsters: The Dragon’s Inferno” and the truth is that all of them positiveso I’m going to comment on it in order because I really think it’s a highly recommended experience:

  • First of all I want to talk about the production E&H Production, which is the studio in charge of the Monsters anime. Furthermore, it is the studio’s first major project created by none other than the director of the first season of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, Sunghoo Park, which has other titles such as The God of High School to its name as well. 😮
one piece monsters prequel trailer (1)
Get to know a little more about one of the characters connected to Zoro’s lineage
  • In the short time that E&H Production has with this OVA of +20 minutes, the truth is that they don’t cut corners: there are very different shots, a lot of use of a varied color palette, more fluid animations when required and more static ones when necessary… even instances of black and white to give it strength to the shot. I think Monsters: Dragon Hell is a VERY solid cover letter for E&H Production. 😉
  • As for the plot itself, the story is simple, fun and does a great job of presenting the legend of Ryuma, that very powerful samurai from Wano, Zoro’s ancestor, with whom he crosses paths in Thriller Bark. Particularly notable is the end of the OVA, which is responsible for turning the Monsters: Dragon’s Hell anime into a 100% canon story for the One Piece universe. 😁
  • Also, something that seems notable to me about Monsters: Dragon’s Inferno is that You do NOT need to know absolutely anything about One Piece to watch the anime. In the end it is a story completely isolated from Luffy’s, with characters that don’t have to sound familiar in the least. In this sense, it seems to me that it is content that looks easy even if you don’t have the slightest intention of starting the One Piece anime.🤗

As I have already hinted, the truth is that I see no reason not to recommend “Monsters: Dragon’s Inferno”. If you have seen “One Piece” you will understand interesting references, and if you have not seen it you will enjoy it for what it is: a really entertaining adaptation that has a little bit of everything. In fact, if a case the only ‘bad’ thing you could say is that everything is perhaps developing too quickly, although obviously the result of it being a mere Eiichiro Oda one-shot. I’m not going to deny that I would find it interesting if Ryuma’s story had continued with more material… maybe one day?

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