My dear oni, the new film by Studio Colorido (Amor de Gata) that already has a release date on Netflix

The creators of Burn the Witch or Penguin Highway among others, will return to the fray in just over 2 months

Colorful Studio It may not be the studio that leaves us with the most bombshells in the anime industry or with the most regularity, but what it is an absolute specialist in is producing original movies that ALWAYS end up amassing success, to a greater or lesser extent. The fact of having productions such as “Cat’s Love”, “Penguin Highway” or “Drifting Home“This is attested to, and as if that were not enough, all this history will be added to one more feature film in the summer:”My dear oni“.

Everything you need to know about My Dear Oni, the new anime film from Studio Colorido

Before moving on to the first official details that the movie “My Dear Oni” has left us (and there are not a few of them), I leave you with the official trailer of the feature film in question:

And now yes, point all the details about “My Dear Oni” and its premiere (via ANN):

  • To begin, it is time to say that It will be May 24, 2024 when the movie ‘My Dear Oni’ is released. 🥰
  • As has been well promoted, the premiere will occur through Netflix, where Studio Colorido has debuted many of its most recent works from recent years. 😉
  • My dear oni will have no more nor less than Tomotaka Shibayama, who already directed the film Amor de Gata at the time. But Shibayama-san will not be the only member of the Studio Colorido staff who will return to action regarding the cat film: Masafumi Yokota and Mina Kubota, in charge of animation and music direction respectively, will also occupy these roles in My Dear Oni. 😁
  • My dear oni is the second of 3 films that Studio Colorido has scheduled for Netflix in the coming years, the first being Drifting Home. If this margin of 2 years between one release and another is maintained, presumably the final film of this agreement would land sometime in 2026. 🤔

To finish rounding off everything that is known regarding “My Dear Oni”, I finally leave you with the premise of the feature film:

What is My Dear Oni about?

Hiiragi is a student who wants others to like him more than anything else, so it is impossible for him to say no when someone asks him for something. One summer day, while he is trying to carry out one more task he was given, he meets an oni girl named Tsumugi, who is in the human world to look for her mother. Tsumugi does as he pleases and is the complete opposite of Hiiragi.

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