My Hero Academia announces a new story that you can only experience in a very specific way

My Hero Academia“It is a global product today that has tested waters of all kinds: as an anime, as a film, as a video game and soon as live-action. And yes, there was still more that could be done to ensure that the work of Kouhei Horikoshi continued to expand his presence in the world of entertainment. What am I talking about? Well, what? A special “My Hero Academia” attraction has finally been confirmed at Universal Studios Japan, and be careful because it comes loaded.

Everything we know about the My Hero Academia attraction at Universal Studios Japan

Next I leave you with all the information about the special attraction of “My Hero Academia” as shared by my classmates. ANN:

  • To begin, it must be said that this attraction will be called “My Hero Academia the Real 4D“, and in fact what is proposed is a 4D experience in relation to the work of Horikoshi-sensei. This is not the first collaboration of My Hero Academia with Universal Studios Japan, but it is the first time in which a project of this entity is carried out. 😁
My Hero Academia the Real 4D
This is the main promotional image for My Hero Academia the Real 4D
  • The presence of the attraction at Universal Studios Japan will take place from March 1 to August 14, 2024. That is, there will be more than 5 months to enjoy My Hero Academia the Real 4D. 😉
  • But, What does this ‘4D’ that is promoted consist of?
    • Basically, the attraction will be presented as a classic 3D show.
    • To this will be added a series of tremors and movements of the seats as well as splashes of water.
  • On the other hand, My Hero Academia the Real 4D will have a completely original story that will star Deku, Bakugo, Uraraka and Todoroki. The heroes must thus face a villain who sneaks into the middle of a famous rock star’s concert. It is unknown whether this story will later be accessible in some other way, but it seems highly unlikely. 😮

I find it curious that “My Hero Academia” had not previously had such a prominent presence at Universal Studios Japan, especially when it has been one of the most generating anime and manga IPs in the world for years. In any case, If you are fans of Deku and company and you also have a trip scheduled to Japan for the next few months, you might be interested in taking a look at this new attraction.

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