Netflix will premiere a live-action of City Hunter

Netflix will premiere a live-action of City Hunter

Netflix continues to look to Japan as a source of inspiration for new projects. On this occasion, the American company is going to take a real image CityHunter, the iconic manga by Tsukasa Hojo. The film will premiere on the platform worldwide throughout 2024.

In a first promotional image, you can see Ryohei Suzuki characterized as Ryo Saeba. The actor is known for other action movies like Gatchaman Y HK/Hentai Kamenamong other.

In this way, it will be the first Japanese live-action adaptation of CityHunter. What’s more, unlike its predecessors, it will be shot entirely in Japan and will be shot in the district of shinjuku. Also the protagonist Ryo Saeba recover your classic trench coat, unlike the animated adaptations worn by the iconic American. As for the synopsis, no further details are known at the moment, except that it will take place between the end of the 20th century and the present day.

The project is a production of Netflix beside HoriPro Y office shirous. For this, they have the address of Yuichi Satō (kisaragi, Nonai Poison Berry), as well as Tatsuhiro Mishima in charge of the script, known for signing the script for the live-action of Yuyu Hakusho. As for the music, it falls on Yoshihide Otomo (INU-OH, Lupine Zero, Orange).

Regarding the production part, shinichi takahashi acts as executive producer with keisuke san pei Y Kosuke Oshida.

CityHunter It has always been an attractive story by the world of cinema and series mainly due to its action with a certain dose of humor. The first live-action adaptation, albeit with certain liberties, was produced in Hong Kong in 1993, directed by Wongjing and with Jackie Chan In the role of Ryo Saeba. However, there were other Hong Kong films that, although they did not adapt the manga, did adapt elements such as Savior of the Soul Y mr mumble.

As for series, possibly the most popular is the series of the same name CityHunter Korean production that aired in 2011 and had a total of 70 episodes. For their part, in Japan they adapted the spin-off Angel Heart which aired in 2015 and ended with 9 episodes.

Until this announcement, the last live-action production based on the work of Tsukasa Hojo was City Hunter and Cupid’s Perfumeof French production. Philippe Lacheau directed, wrote and starred in the film, although Ryo Saeba it was called nicky larson.

CityHunter was published in the pages of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump between 1985 and 1991, being initially compiled by Shueisha in a total of 35 volumes. Takehiko Inoue, author of slam dunk Y vagabondwas Hojo’s assistant during the production of the manga.

The popularity of the manga ended up skyrocketing after the premiere of the anime series in 1987 by the studio. sunrise. From then on, the work has had multitude of adaptations to different media, being today part of Japanese popular culture.

The manga was first published by Mangaline Editions, although only the first 24 volumes of the 35 that the work counts were published. Recently, Arechi Manga has recovered the work in a Complete Edition and, up to now, 16 volumes in the market of the 32 that the collection counts. For its part, the original anime of CityHunter It was broadcast in Spain at the beginning of the 90s through the private channel TV 5also being released on VHS by Dynamic SK and on DVD by Jonu Media.

Shinjuku’s neighborhood law is called City Hunter! Two people hide behind this bombastic name: Ryô Saeba, the sweeper, and the policeman Hideyuki Makimura. Together, they spread terror among criminals… but sometimes there are crimes too big for them.

Fountain: ANN

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