new anime announced with Psycho-Pass scriptwriter

Back in 2014 Toei Animation and Nitroplustwo of the most famous production companies in Japan, surprised everyone and everyone by releasing a completely original anime feature film that It delighted lovers of science fiction and mecha. Expelled From Paradise It became a cult film that to this day continues to be fondly remembered, and be careful because today came the moment that its fans had been waiting for for so long.

Next November 15th will be fulfilled 10 years since the release of Expelled From Paradise in Japanese cinemas, and to everyone’s surprise, this morning it was announced that Toei and Nitroplus are working on a sequel official. Below I tell you all the details that are known about her.

Expelled From Paradise will have a sequel

  • A few hours ago Toei Animation shared the first teaser from the sequel anime to Expelled From Paradise, which you can see just above👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
  • It is confirmed that it is a new movie
  • Its official title is Rakuen Tsuihou -Liberated from Paradise-
  • The original staff who worked on the 2014 film return in full, including:
    • Gene Urobushi (Psycho-Pass, Madoka) in the script✍🏻
    • Seiji Mizushima (Gundam 00) as director🎥
    • NARASAKI (Deadman Wonderland, Prison School) as composer of the soundtrack🎶
  • At the moment There are no details about its release date or the studio that will make the animation. (Graphinica did the prequel, so maybe it will repeat)❌❌
  • And we also have a first poster promotional, which I leave you just below👇🏻

Expelled From Paradise was a film that won the “Best Animation of the Year” award in 2014 at the 24th edition of the Japanese Film Critics Awards, so there is quite a bit of hype after the announcement of its sequel. How will the story of the charismatic Angela Balzac continue?

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