New details of the adult anime Offering My Virginity to a Gangster

Nuevos detalles del anime para adultos Ofreciendo mi virginidad a un gángster

El sitio web oficial del anime para adultos Offering My Virginity to a Gangster (Sazanami Sōshi ni Shojo o Sasagu ~Saa, Jikkuri Ai Demashō ka~) reveló el miércoles el elenco principal, el equipo de producción y el estreno de la serie. La fecha de su debut será el próximo 3 de abril y llegará de forma gratuita a televisión, Youtube y NicoNico. Se emitirán dos versiones, una de ellas apta para todos los públicos y otra con contenido explícito que estará disponible únicamente a través de la plataforma de suscripción AnimeFestaque también ofrecerá su preestreno exclusivo durante el mes de marzo.

Ofreciendo mi virginidad a un gángster

The following voice actors make up the cast of roles for this animated project:

Sazanami character design

yoshiki nakajima (regular version) and Dai Kuki (uncensored version) as Soushi Sazanami.

Nagisa Amami character design

Saho Shirasu (regular version) and Satomi Miura (uncensored version) as Nagisa Amami.

Hinata Tomo character design

Daiki Hamano (regular version) and Tetsu Gabu (uncensored version) as I take Hinata.

Shibata character design

Shuji Inozuki (regular version) and Mashiro-Kōta (uncensored version) as shibata.

sanae nagi (Everything for Demon King Evelogia) is directing this anime for Studio Hokiboshiwhile eeyo kurosaki (Overflow, Harem Camp!) is in charge of writing the script. Katsuyuki Satō (Fire in His Fingertips -My Childhood Friend is a Fireman-, My Stepmom’s Daughter Is My Ex) is doing the character design and animation will be jointly directed by Sato, Seiya Misawa (Angels of Death, Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club), kazuya fumijita, join me (My Matchmaking Partner is a Student, An Aggressive Troublemaker) and queen nasu. Finally Hiromi Nishiyama (Dororo, RE-MAIN) works as sound director in Studio Mausu.

Aki Murakami write and illustrate this adult manga on the website comic cmoa since March 2021, which has been brought to print by the publisher Suiseisha and will publish your third compiled volume next March 18.

Offering my Virginity to a Gangster cover

The story follows Nagisa, a 26-year-old office girl who is a virgin. To face her shyness, she decides to go on a trip, in which she meets Sazanami, a member of the yakuza. After spending a night of passion together, they decide to start a relationship.

Fountain: ANN

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