New leaks from chapter 103 point to a very busy chapter

Chapter 103 of the manga “Dragon Ball Super“It will be the last one we will see before we go into an official break due to the death of Akira Toriyama. Both Toyotaro and the rest of those involved in the management of “dragon ball“They need time to accept the loss of the grandmaster and to decide how things are going to work from now on. Of course, Before this temporary goodbye it seems that the manga will leave us with a good handful of really striking battles.

(In the article I collect leaks about what will happen in chapter 103, so if you don’t want to find out anything before the official launch stop reading at this point)

Everything that has been leaked from chapter 103 of the Dragon Ball Super manga

I have to start by saying that This month there will be NO leaks regarding the use of “Dragon Ball Super”. Out of respect for the death of Toriyama-sensei, the regular Lakers have decided not to share any of the manga images in advance as they usually do. Of course, what they have left us is a small preview of the content of chapter 103:

  • To begin with, apparently Goku’s fight against Gohan will conclude with the latter’s victory, despite those first official images that showed Goku with a fairly forceful comeback. In any case, it seems that it is Goku who ends up stopping the battle, so who knows if the result is really final. 😮
dragon ball super gohan beast lasala (1)
Is Gohan really the strongest among all the warriors on Earth?
  • Likewise, after this battle up to 3 more occur in chapter 103:
    • Broly Super Saiyan (finally) against Beast Gohan
    • Trunks and Goten against Broly
    • Vegeta against Gohan (this battle lasts a short time and is apparently stopped by Goku)
  • On the other hand, it seems that the chapter concludes with Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and others leaving Beerus’ planet, at least temporarily (but in effect they say goodbye to the God and the Angel, although promising that they will visit again). Upon returning to Earth, surprisingly Goku forgets that he even has a granddaughter, and Piccolo (whom Goku wants to challenge in combat) imposes the punishment of accompanying them to pick up Pan from daycare. Of course, upon arriving at the nursery Pan also seems to have forgotten about Goku since he attacks him thinking that he is an enemy. Despite the strange reunion Goku, Gohan, Piccolo and Pan fly away together. 😂

Honestly, I hope that the thing about Goku forgetting about Pan is more of a ‘Why do you have to go to daycare?‘ and not so much that he has really forgotten that his son’s daughter exists. In any case, translation-specific things aside, It really seems that chapter 103 of the manga will be a feast of duels between everyone present on the planet of Beerus. On the other hand, what will be the implications of these duels and where we will go in the new plot that is about to begin are questions that, as has been reported, will be resolved once the manga break ends due to the death of Toriyama-sensei. .

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