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Nezuko’s voice lost quite a few fans after her boyfriend was discovered

the japanese portal myjitsu shared an article noting that the sales of the new single from the voice actress and singer Akari Kitou they were precarious when compared to the sales that their singles have had in previous years. Apparently, the fact that she was discovered a couple in 2021 ended up making her lose thousands of followers.

«Akari Kitou, a popular voice actress known for her role as Nezuko Kamado in “Kimetsu no Yaiba,” released a new single titled “Dear Doze Days” on February 8. However, the sales have dropped significantly compared to his old songs, and it is said on social media that “his era as an idol has ended”.».

«“Dear Doze Days” is the fourth single from “Akari Kitou” and also the ending theme song for the anime “Chillin’ in My 30s after Getting Fired from the Demon King’s Army”, which has been on the air since last January. A portrait print was prepared as a purchase benefit for the single, and a booklet and Blu-ray featuring the song’s music video are included with the limited edition. In addition, the “Animate” chain of stores held a special launch event in which the artist herself participated».

«In this way, it can be said that the single is full of advantages for fans. However, the sales were not as good as expected, since the Japanese portal Oricon listed that the sales of the first week were estimated at only 2,140 copies., achieving the eighteenth position in the weekly ranking. Compared to Akari Kitou’s sales in the past, The anime’s ending theme song “Adachi to Shimamura”, titled as “Kimi no Tonari de”, was released in October 2020 and sold over 6,200 copies in its first week. This implies that in a period of just over two years, its sales fell by more than two thirds.».

Akari Kitou

«What is the decline in your career as a singer? It wouldn’t make sense considering that Kimetsu no Yaiba is still a work-in-progress these years, but some still remember when Akari Kitou made headlines in August 2021. Back then, Bunshun Online caught Akari Kitou on a date with the handsome voice actor Yuya Hozumi, and it was reported that the two were a couple. In addition, it was discovered that both lived together in a “co-habitation” style, since both had copies of the key to the other’s room, which attracted the disappointment of their followers.».

«Akari Kitou herself addressed the issue on Twitter, explaining, “Hozumi-san is just one of my good friends.” Although the suspicion that the two were a couple only lasted a short time, it seems that the notable decrease in the sales of their CDs would be due to the fact that they have lost a significant number of followers since then.».

«Of course, the issue did not go unnoticed on social media, inspiring comments like: “It is the natural result. As expected, you can’t underestimate the economic power of otakus“; “It hurts to see her music career decline, but she brought it on herself“; and “I think that there is nothing left but to admit that his career as a singer is finished“. On the other hand, Akari Kitou was selected for several main roles in this anime season, and her career as a voice actress for her is going quite well. Will she be able to recapture her other career or will she give up on her next pitch?».

Fountain: myjitsu

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