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NieR: Automata and 2B’s butt conquer the Internet again

On February 18, the fourth episode of the anime adaptation of NieR: Automata. The series had gone through production problems that had delayed the broadcast of this fourth episode for several weeks, and although there are many theories about it, in the end most fans forget about this when they already have the new episode in their hands.

As it happened with the original video game of NieR: Automata, 2B he is an extremely popular character and Square Enix She had no qualms at the time about showing off her curves whenever she could. Of course, this was also carried over to the anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures, who once again offered some shots of 2B’s butt.

As we mentioned, this situation has been going on since the original video game was released, as confirmed by many testimonials published on Reddit: «Well I bought this game during the Black Friday sale on PSN. I’ve played about 2 hours and I’m really enjoying the game, but there’s something I seriously can’t ignore. He basically slaps me in the face every time I run or walk. Sometimes going up stairs. It is 2B’s costume, in which the lower right part of the skirt is completely exposed. As if his butt was literally sticking out. Has there been any controversy as to why it is so exposed? Maybe I’ll find out as I progress through the story.».

And, of course, the comments of the fans before this new episode could not be missing:

  • «I really enjoyed this battle scene!».
  • «It looks pretty good, shame about the production problems behind it».
  • «Between the third and fourth episode, I had enough time to complete the game.».
  • «Oh yeah, the flashing on 2B’s panties continues».
  • «They really did 2B quite well.».
  • «This episode has been the best so far. The CGI rendering is a bit clunky but damn the animation itself is so amazing».
  • «Oh yeah, the good plot is back».
  • «sit on my face 2B please».
  • «Finally 2B and his great ass are back».
  • «They returned on Saturdays with 2B’s great ass».
  • «The best camera angles have returned».

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