Ninja Kamui, the new anime from the director of Jujutsu Kaisen, announces its release date

Sunghoo Park returns to the anime industry in less than 1 month to leave us with his next work

Ninja Kamui” was announced last summer as a project that presented a special attraction: it is a production of E&H Productionthe study created by none other than director of the first season of “Jujutsu Kaisen”. Sunghoo Park thus returns with a project for which a high profile is expected in terms of animation, and one that today has confirmed all the details about its premiere, yes, including the final date.

Everything you need to know about the premiere of Ninja Kamui

Before proceeding to the details, I will first leave you with the new promotional image that has been shared about the anime:

kamui ninja
Ninja Kamui will make its premiere this coming month of February

And now yes, point all the relative information to the debut of the anime “Ninja Kamui” (via ANN):

  • To begin, I leave you confirmation of Ninja Kamui’s official release date is February 10, 2024. However, that day it will only be available on the Toonami programming block, and it will not be until on February 11 that will be broadcast through the Max streaming platform. 😅
  • Will it also be broadcast in Spain through this platform? Well, difficult to say at this point, especially considering that the ‘re-branding’ of HBO MAX is not planned to occur in our country until spring 2024. Likewise, it is very unusual for this platform to host anime premieres in our country, so I would definitely recommend waiting for further confirmation at the national level. 🤔
  • An interesting detail that has been reported about Ninja Kamui is that it will also be released this year a video game version called Ninja Kamui: Shinobi Origins, which will be available in spring 2024. 😮
  • Some additional details at the production level that may interest you are:
    • Takeshi Okazaki He is responsible for the design of the characters, a job he was seen doing in Afro Samurai, Batman Ninja and more.
    • Along with E&H Production there will also be the support of Sola Entertainmentwho has worked on the Ultraman anime, Blade Runner: Black Lotus and more.

Honestly, the only thing I hope for for the premiere of “Ninja Kamui” is Don’t let us pretend like this anime debut hasn’t happened. I think it’s been a while since anime distribution has taken an important step forward, and although this is an original IP, due to the figure of Sunghoo Park it has a more than high magnitude. Come on, the distributors better get their act together and give us a definitive answer regarding the broadcast of “Ninja Kamui” in Spain.

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