Official release date and duration of season 3 of the anime

Hibike! Euphonium“returns this spring for what will be the final season of one of the most successful animes in Kyoto Animation of this last decade. Among musical productions, “Hibike! Euphonium” took very little time to begin to stand out at the time, which has allowed this series of novels to end up having multiple projects as seasons, OVAs and even movies. Today, they leave us with the definitive details of the third season of the anime.

The third season of the Hibike anime! Euphonium will move in line with the previous ones

Next I leave you with all the information that has shared AIR about the premiere of the third and final season of “Hibike! Euphonium”:

  • The most important fact of the day is that It is confirmed that the premiere of season 3 of the Hibike anime! Euphonium will be produced on April 7, 2024. In effect, forming part of that spring season as anticipated months ago. 😋
hibike!  euphonium
Kumiko and her friends will return one last time to say goodbye in style
  • The other relevant information that has been confirmed today is that This final season will have a total of 13 anime episodes at your disposal. Basically Hibike! Euphonium once again uses the same format that it used with its previous seasons. 😉
  • With these two pieces of information at hand, it is also possible to say that as long as the broadcast occurs without stops or delays of any kind, the latest episode of the Hibike anime! Euphonium will land on June 30, logically a little before the summer anime season starts. 😥
  • At the moment, the first two seasons of the Hibike! anime Euphonium are found available on Crunchyroll, so it is assumed that the same will happen with this final season. Of course, what you will not find on the platform in question are some of the additional content that was released over the years (and some are a must-see). 🤔

And this is all you need to keep in mind about the ending of “Hibike! Euphonium”. I think the only positive thing that can be extracted from the conclusion of this adaptation is that will open the doors of Kyoto Animation to new projects, something that is always exciting in a studio that knows how to get the most out of each and every one of the licenses it works on. In any case, what has been said: mark April 7 on your calendar, as it will mark the beginning of the end for one of the most famous orchestras in the entire history of anime.

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