Official release date of the cooking and fantasy anime by the Promare studio

The anime of “Dungeon Meshi“is unquestionably one of the ones that can rock the most during the winter season of 2024. Yes, it is true that despite being a work of fantasy it is not exactly what one expects in the context, especially because it is so focused on the concept of cooking, but anyone who knows the original manga will know that that ‘deviation‘ hasn’t stopped him from becoming an absolute success. Now, it has finally been confirmed a release date that will begin “Dungeon Meshi” as an anime.

The Dungeon Meshi anime will have one of the earliest premieres in January

Having said all this, here are the confirmations regarding the premiere of the “Dungeon Meshi” anime (via SugoiLite):

  • The big date to keep in mind is the following: January 4, 2024. It will then be that the Dungeon Meshi anime will leave us with the first of its episodes… and there won’t be a few of them. 😎
dungeon meshi
Dungeon Meshi is one of the most promising anime of 2024
  • Total, The Dungeon Meshi anime will have 24 episodes for its first season. These 24 episodes will be divided into 2 parts different, although there will be no need to wait in between since the parts in question will be broadcast consecutively. 😉
  • The thing therefore remains like this with Dungeon Meshi: the anime starts at the beginning of January and, unless a sudden change, will remain broadcast until the summer season arrives. Therefore, it is an anime that will cover both the winter and spring quarters in 2024. 🤩
  • In case anyone wants more references For Trigger in addition to the aforementioned Promare, I will highlight:
    • Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
    • SSSS Saga.
    • BNA
    • Little Witch Academia
    • Kiznaiver

And another anime that I don’t plan to miss in its debut. I won’t say that all Trigger animes are to my taste, because it’s true that the whole “SSSS” thing. It doesn’t quite connect with me, but in the same way I will say that “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” is one of the most incredible animes I have ever seen (especially having played Cyberpunk 2077 before). Come on, if you are still setting up your viewing calendars for the winter quarter of 2024, I highly recommend that you sign up for “Dungeon Meshi”.

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