One of the main manga leakers deletes his account in the midst of controversy

The leaks of “dragon ball“, and specifically from the manga of “Dragon Ball Super“but even from movies like ‘super hero‘, are something that has been very active on Twitter for YEARS. Obviously, these leaks always come as a result of certain very specific accounts that distribute the materials through social networks… but sometimes there are who tries to go even further than illegally sharing material from the original work. That’s what happened to SupaChronicles.

SupaChronicles, one of the best-known Dragon Ball leakers, is forced to disappear from the Internet

What exactly has happened? Basically, the account of @SupaChronicleswho was previously known as DBSCronicles, has completely ceased to exist. Next I leave you with the visual proof of this.

Indeed, SupaChronicles is already a thing of Dragon Ball’s past (at least for now)

But why has said user suddenly disappeared from Twitter after MANY years of activity and great influence in the “Dragon Ball” community? Because They have caught him trying to SELL through subscriptions all that material as leaks that he distributed on his social networks.

Has been @AnimeAjaya well-known user of the anime community on Twitter, who has opened a melon for which SupaChronicles has ended up paying really dearly:

SupaChronicles would like to use its Instagram account to establish a subscriber system that would receive more benefits each month

What happened once this situation regarding SupaChronicles became known? Well, the response from the community has been ATROCIOUS for the user. In the blink of an eye, the leaker had lost more than 8 thousand followers, and things were getting worse, not to mention that he was receiving a lot of negative feedback. based on behavior that many have recognized as definitely crossing a very problematic line.

Personally, everything I say regarding the leaks could be called hypocrisy since it is material that I write about monthly, basically because there is a significant part of the “Dragon Ball” community interested in said material. However, I think that The fact of selling something that has been previously stolen, and that is known to be STOLEN, does not require being the highest expression of ethics to understand that it is problematic on many levels.

I think it should be clarified that The disappearance of SupaChronicles does not mean the end of the leaks of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga. After all, other users like DBHype or Geekdom101 also actively work with it, although definitely with a different vision than SupaChronicles. What is clear is that if the leaker reappears on Twitter, it will be difficult for him to regain a community and following like the one he had generated over the years.

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there are plans for it to have an anime

Only Leveling will come in the form of a manhwa and it won’t be very cheap, so to speak.