One Piece actor reveals the premiere date of the live-action series on Netflix

Discover here the release date of the One Piece live-action on Netflix as revealed by one of its main actors.

In recent years we are seeing how adaptations to movies or real-image series of anime and manga are becoming more common. One of the essential works of the world that until now did not have an adaptation of this type was One Piece, the long-running story created by Eiichiro Oda in 1999. However, A few months ago, Netflix arrived to change this and revealed that it was developing a live-action One Piece series..

During this time, the information about the series has been revealed to dropper. One of the most important details of the project, the release date, has been a big unknown until now. Recently, in an interview for a Japanese medium, one of the main actors of the series has revealed what would be the official release date of the One Piece live-action on Netflix. Next, we tell you everything that the interpreter has said on this subject.


We finally know the release date of One Piece’s live-action on Netflix, thanks to Zoro

This “leak”, which is most likely something premeditated and not a simple mistake by the actor as it seems, has occurred in the interview that Mackenyu has given to GQ Japan. He is the actor that the casting team of the series chose to give life to Roronoa Zoroone of the protagonists of the One Piece story, in its real image version.

What exactly Mackenyu said in the interview was that One Piece live-action is expected to premiere on Netflix in October of this same 2023. At the moment, and although it is not an exact date, it is the most specific information we have had regarding the release date of the One Piece Netflix series. And, it is that, as we told you here a few months ago, there was an important leak that dates the launch of this series for August 31.

The truth is that perhaps this information was true and that, simply, it was an estimated date that, as we have been able to verify, in the end it does not seem that it will be possible to meet it. this alone It would mean a delay of a couple of months or three, which is nothing to worry about, and which would explain why we haven’t seen any trailer or trailer for the series so far. beyond a handful of posters, which you can see here.

Other than this, the only thing we know about the project are a few words from Eiichiro Oda in which he stated that the series “looks incredible” and praised the great work and love that everyone involved in the series is putting into making everything go well. If you are curious, in this article we will tell you more details about the statements of the creator of One Piece about this new franchise project.

And you, dear reader, Do you think this will be the final release date of the series or that the One Piece live-action will take a little longer to reach Netflix? Do you trust that this production will be different from all the live-action that we have seen so far? Tell us through social networkswhere we remind you that you can follow us in order to know the latest news related to anime, science fiction and fantasy.

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