One Piece and the detail of chapter 1100 of the manga that is melting the hearts of readers

The followers of One Piece manga They were looking forward to the arrival of chapter 1100 because they really hoped that Eiichiro Oda would take advantage of the occasion to present some very shocking event. However, now that all The pages of this episode are completely leaked on the Internet We know that is not so.

Taking into account that Monkey D. Dragon’s first appearance occurred in chapter 100 of the manga, many fans thought that this character would make an appearance again in chapter 1100 doing something epic. This moment never came, but instead we readers received some panels about Kuma and Bonney that once again broke our hearts into a thousand pieces.

Kuma continues to make us cry in the manga

  • In chapter 1100 of One Piece it is explained why Kuma became Shichibukai and gave up his will to become a human weapon of the Navy✅
  • After accepting the deal with Saturn, Both he and Bonney spent six months in Vegapunk’s laboratory. undergoing some treatments in parallel: Kuma with her cyborg modifications and the little one with her cure for Sapphire Scales🩺🥼
  • In their free time, this father and daughter couple lived a normal life in many different ways, and in one of the vignettes from 1100 you can see how she gives him a drawing to the buccaneer in which it appears his face next to a text that says “Daddy”🥰🥰🥰
  • After all it iso Kuma leaves Bonney in the Sorbet Kingdom and He says goodbye to her with the intention of never seeing her again.💔
  • Despite the distance and all the hardships he had to endure, Kuma continued to show the world that Bonney was still the most important thing to him in an incredibly emotional way: The jollyroger on her pirate ship is the same drawing that she made with so much love.😭😭😭

At this point it is very difficult for me to imagine someone saying that they do not like the character of Bartholomew Kuma. It’s amazing how Oda has turned a very secondary character into one of the favorites of so many readers, and all by facing a life full of misery with a smile and a heart that doesn’t fit in his chest.

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