One Piece anime returns with a sensational episode

The anime of “One Piece” officially enters a new stage and today, January 7, 2024, we have been able to see the first episode of what over the next many months will become known as Egghead’s arc. Obviously, one of the big doubts that existed was whether leaving behind a major conflict as it was Wanowith his Kaido and Big Mom, Toei Animation I was going to hit the brakes on quality from the television adaptation of “One Piece.” Well, seen the first episode of the new arc, it seems that there is nothing to fear.

The One Piece anime premieres the Egghead arc with an episode that had absolutely everything

Before highlighting the various things that I think deserve mention from this first episode of the “Egghead” anime, I leave you with the section that seemed craziest of all to me (via NewWorldArtur):

And having seen the short video, I’ll now tell you the little things that, personally, I think make the first episode of Egghead memorable in itself:

  • To begin with, what In terms of animation, art and character design, Egghead’s arc starts with the same quality as Wano ended. In fact, I would say that in these sections alone, this first episode of the anime is already on par with many of the best episodes of the previous arc. 😁
  • The direction of the episode is also sensational. All the planes, colors and animation styles used within the same episode give it a visual richness inappropriate for an episodic anime of its longevity. 😎
  • The destruction of Lulusia It is an incredible fact on all possible levels, but above all on two: spectacular visually and fearsome at the lore level. Seeing a destruction of such caliber in action represents a before and after with respect to everything that is known about the current One Piece. 🤯
  • The appearance of Jewelry Bonney. Although the members of the Straw Hat Pirates do not recognize her, she is one of the members of the Worst Generation who, it is true, had completely disappeared in recent times. What will her presence leave behind? Good question, but if something has become clear in recent years it is that The Worst Generation has the potential to tip the balance of the world. 🤔

Sincerely, I don’t think there could have been a better first episode of the Egghead arc. to keep “One Piece” fans hooked on this important narrative leap. Again, I remember that this arc with which 2024 opens is, precisely, the first arc of the Final Saga of “One Piece”. It is true that we are still a good number of years away from Eiichiro Oda’s work coming to an end, but in the same way now more than ever everything that happens will have the greatest potential yet to change the world of “One Piece” as we know it.

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