One Piece episode 1089 is already the highest rated of all anime on IMDb

Last Sunday the event finally occurred that the followers of the one piece anime They had been waiting for so long. After several years of witnessing the events of Wano, it is time for Luffy and his company to embark on a new adventure in the next story arc: it is time to go to Egg head.

The last episode, 1089, was widely discussed on the Internet for several reasons. One of them was because of how spectacular the new opening of the series is (directed by the beloved Megumi Ishitani), while another was the way in which the destruction of Lulusia was adapted. It was a capitulation with all the law.

Is One Piece episode 1089 the best ever?

  • See if this episode was liked so much by the public that it has even been ranked as the best valued in its entire history on the well-known portal IMDb 🚨🚨
  • Chapter 1089 sports a average score of 9.7 out of 10a qualification that until now seemed unattainable⭐
  • Thus surpasses 1062 episodes (Zoro vs King), 1015 (the one from Red Roc) and 377 (“Nothing happened”)🔥🔥🔥
  • Do you agree with this classification? Do you think that 1089 deserves the title of best chapter in all of One Piece?❓
  • Personally, it seems silly to me that Egghead’s beginning was so superb, and the big part is still missing…👀

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